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True Friends
10509 108th ST NW
Annandale , MN  55302
Job Title:
Nature-Farmyard Leader
Job Type:
Summer Employment
Hours Per Week:
Position Start Date:
Pay Rate:
200/week, includes room &board and meal
How To Apply:
Please download your application at The seasonal jobs are listed on the webpage. Click the “APPLY” bu
Contact Name:
Jon Salmon  
952 852 0123
Job Description:
Position Goals: 1. To use nature activities to heighten camper’s awareness and appreciation of their natural world. 2. To introduce vacationers to new experiences in nature and build new skills. 3. To promote camper self-sufficiency and ability to achieve personal goals. 4. To enhance personal ability to support campers with disabilities and teach new skills. Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for maintaining and organizing equipment and materials in any nature area including the three seasons porch, the farmyard, and any other area used by the program. 2. Responsible for complete care of camp animals and communicating animals needs with program coordinator. 3. Make use of different locations and activities that cater to different campers. 4. Communicate regularly with counselors to learn strengths and weaknesses of each group so plans can be made accordingly. 5. Provide materials, instructions and supervision to campers and staff in nature activities. 6. Communicate with program coordinator regarding material needs. 7. Motivate groups to participate. Adapt activities so that they can be enjoyed by all vacationers. 8. Experiment with a wide range of nature activities so new activities may be added to the activity binder. 9. Assist in planning and running nature-related special interest sessions such as I Love Critters. 10. Share responsibility of driving hayride if trained. 11. Carry out duties and responsibilities listed for Program Leaders. 12. Perform any miscellaneous duties as requested by the administrative staff.
Job Qualifications:
Job Requirements: The Nature-Farmyard Leader should be a college student or graduate in environmental studies, animal sciences, or a related field. Experience with individuals with developmental or physical disabilities is helpful.