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True Friends
10509 108th ST NW
Annandale , MN  55302
Job Title:
Respite Coordinator
Job Type:
Summer Employment
Hours Per Week:
Position Start Date:
Pay Rate:
200/week, includes room &board and meal
How To Apply:
Please download your application at The seasonal jobs are listed on the webpage. Click the “APPLY” bu
Contact Name:
Jon Salmon  
952 852 0123
Job Description:
General Responsibilities: 1. To provide leadership for the respite staff and volunteers and to serve as a role model for all involved in the respite care program. 2. To provide a safe, enjoyable, fun weekend for the participants while allowing them to be as independent as possible. 3. To perform any miscellaneous duties as requested by administrative staff. 4. Participate in summer orientation in regard to the respite care program. - Assist with making presentation to staff re. respite program. - Orientating new Respite staff to their responsibilities 5. Meet with Program Specialist, respite counselors, and volunteers prior to weekend check-in to review participant applications. Familiarize self with medical and behavioral issues and programs of participants. Communicate information to staff. Responsibilities During Weekend: 6. Assist nurse, Respite Program Specialist/Manager with check-in of medications/treatments and with communication of health care needs to weekend counselors and kitchen staff. 7. Administer and document medications/treatments required by participants. Transfer all information regarding participants' health care to the health care log. 8. Complete, assist counselors, read, and sign any reports needed to be filled out during the weekend (experience reports, report to caregiver, behavior and self injurious logs, seizure reports, physical assessment forms, etc.). Copy and send home. 9. Read Respite Experience Surveys as they are returned. May be asked to assist with the calling of parents and/or facilities or to talk with staff regarding questions or concerns mentioned on the surveys. 10. Know correct procedures for handling emergency situations (i.e. fire, medical, storm, etc.) and for going over fire evacuations with participants and other respite staff. 11. Check in with on-call Leadership staff as to how the weekend is going and when there is an emergency situation. 12. Notify parent/staff of campers if questions come up or situational advice is needed. 13. Report any equipment that needs repairing. Return all equipment that is used to its original place after the weekend. 14. Assist with the evaluation of weekend staff members and volunteers. Responsibilities at Weekend’s Conclusion: 15. Relay any information to parents/staff pertaining to participants' stay at the camp. • Alert them to any reports that are sent home, besides the Experience Summary. • Relay positive experiences and moments of success to parents/staff. 16. Check-in all participants staying from weekend to weekly session. (Summer season only) 17. Assist Respite Specialist in the process of returning misplaced personal property of clientele. 18. Write an end of weekend Coordinators Report that includes: a. suggestions re. staffing, placements, activities, procedures, etc. b. comments re. success/problem areas of summer respite weekend c. list of needs or suggestions for future weekends 19. Make sure that all counselors have turned in paperwork and signed off on personal care tasks in the health log.
Job Qualifications:
Job Requirements: The Respite Coordinator should be at least 21 years of age, and/or be an approved driver for the agency. A college major in a related field is preferred but experience in the field of mental retardation is an acceptable substitute. Experience in a supervisory role for one or more years in a camp/respite setting and/or strong knowledge of the program is required. The Respite Coordinator should hold current certification in Basic First Aid and CPR.