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True Friends
10509 108th ST NW
Annandale , MN  55302
Job Title:
Weekend Respite Counselor
Job Type:
Summer Employment
Hours Per Week:
Position Start Date:
Pay Rate:
200/week, includes room &board and meal
How To Apply:
Please download your application at The seasonal jobs are listed on the webpage. Click the “APPLY” bu
Contact Name:
Jon Salmon  
952 852 0123
Job Description:
Staff must work 2 weekends per month to work. Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the health, personal care needs, safety and general welfare of all participants involved in the Respite weekend. Assist individuals with physical disabilities or other limitations who need support with eating, walking, transferring, toileting, etc. 2. Responsible to assist in planning and implementing daily activities with other Respite Staff to meet the needs and interests of the cabin group. Also to take part in all activities offering participants encouragement and positive reinforcement. 3. Responsible for maintaining a safe and non-threatening atmosphere for participants and staff. 4. Responsible to the Respite Coordinator for notification of sickness/injury and to assist with treatments needed by participants. Keep Health Care Profiles up to date, charting the completion of Activities of Daily Living. 5. Make sure all participants’ belongings are properly checked in upon arrival and all items are accounted for when leaving. Assist participants in caring for personal belongings. Monitor supply of clean clothing for participants. 6. Responsible for assisting Respite Coordinator in writing Experience Reports, behavior logs, seizure reports, and incident/accident reports on each individual as necessary. 7. Responsible at all times for the appearance and cleanliness of cabin / house. 8. Provide information for written evaluations of volunteers assigned to cabin group. Counselors are to set an appropriate example for volunteers. 9. Write self-evaluations to be discussed and then filed. One personal evaluation will be given by Program Manager/Respite Program Specialist upon completion of self-evaluations. Complete an end of the season Respite program evaluation. 10. To demonstrate a commitment to True Friends by conducting oneself in a professional manner. 11. To attend and participate in all Respite Staff meetings. 12. To perform any miscellaneous duties as requested by Program Manager/ Respite Program Specialist / Respite Coordinator.
Job Qualifications:
Job Requirements: The Counselor should be a high school graduate, preferably in college. A successful volunteer and/or Junior Counselor experience at Camp Friendship may be an acceptable substitute for age requirement. Must be physically and emotionally strong, creative, and flexible. Must be able to communicate effectively and accept constructive comments as well as compliments. Able to work well with others. Staff must work 2 weekends per month to work.