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Octapharma Plasma Inc.
2588 Hubbell Ave
Des Moines, IA  50317
Job Title:
Donor Floor Technician
Job Type:
Health & Human Services
Part Time
Hours Per Week:
Position Start Date:
Pay Rate:
Entry Level
How To Apply:
Contact Name:
Stephanie Martin  
Job Description:
Complies with federal, state, local and company-specific regulations related to quality of product, employee and donor safety and to the proper performance of day-to-day activities. • Reviews donor charts for accuracy and completeness. • Labels and ensures each unit and samples are labeled accurately. • Set-ups and prepares all equipment and disposable supplies for venipuncture and plasmapheresis procedures. • Disconnects donor after plasmapheresis process is completed. • Maintains proper ratio to ensure donor safety and to quality of product. • Operates the automated plasmapheresis machines including response and evaluation of all alarms and machine errors, documentation of exceptions, etc. • Removes and/or replaces equipment from service. • Monitors donors and maintains awareness to any reactions to ensure donor safety. • Monitors equipment operations to ensure quality of product. • Disposes of all contaminated disposable equipment and biohazard waste. • Ensures proper sanitation and cleaning of equipment and work area between donors. • Performs calibration/maintenance of automated plasmapheresis machines. • Ensures donor confidentiality, meet customer service expectations, greet and acknowledge donors as they are assigned to donation area and after completing donation process. • Maintains thorough familiarity with all State and Federal Regulations, Standard Operating Procedures, OSHA, CLIA, cGMP, and internal company procedures. • Maintains general cleanliness of work area to ensure a clean and professional environment. • Maintains/stocks adequate inventory and replenish supplies on plasma carts. • Reports all unsafe situations or conditions to Senior Phlebotomist and/or Center Management. • Performs other job related tasks as assigned.
Job Qualifications:
At least 18 years of age. Have a high school diploma, GED, or transcripts.