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History and Traditions

Founded in 1896 by Danish immigrants and affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Grand View has more than a century of focus on lifelong learning and emphasis on the “whole person,” a perspective that dates from the principles of the Danish Folk School. Some of the Danish traditions begun around the turn of the century persist today, such as Studenterfest, an annual reunion and festival for alumni, parents and students. There is often a core of Grand View students whose family ties date back to the early days of the College, some for as many as four generations. In 2012 Grand View graduated its first fifth-generation student, the great-great-great niece of one of the founding faculty.

Click on the links below to stroll down memory lane.

Bud the Bird

Read about our beloved Bud here.

The Rock

The Rock in front of the Humphrey Center was unearthed at the beginning of the 20th Century and has been a Grand View icon ever since.  Click here to read more.

Danish Traditions

Grand View's history includes many traditions that relate to its Danish heritage.  You'll find some of them at the links below.

Songs of Denmark/Church and Life

Danish Brotherhood

Danish Immigrant Museum and Windmill

Danish Immigrant Archives at Grand View