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The Rock

At the turn of the century, a gift made sodding possible in front of Old Main. It was then that The Rock made a sudden appearance. Stories place the rock originating from three different locales, the most logical being in the lawn itself. It is likely that The Rock jutted from the ground and halted the sod laying. Soon, GV students erected The Rock atop the new lawn directly in front of Old Main’s main entrance as a new landmark. The only changes being made to The Rock have been the movement east in 1915 to make way for a new walkway and the ever changing colors.

One may see The Rock change colors in the middle of the night as gracefully as a chameleon. Somewhere in GV’s history The Rock gained the status of bulletin board. It is ritual for the rock to be painted on a bleak night whenever occasion calls. In times of celebration, sorrow, or protest, The Rock is deemed a medium of the students.