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Dollars & Sense

As you look at various colleges, you’ll find that Grand View is one of the best values in the Midwest.

What is value? When it comes to education, value is the intersection of price and quality. The lower the price and the higher the quality, the better the value. It’s easy to assume that a high price tag equates with high quality, and while that is sometimes the case, it certainly isn’t always true. Grand View seeks to remain affordable for students from all walks of life … and to provide academic quality with an unequaled personal touch. That’s value. For more information about VALUE, click HERE.

How much does GV cost?
There are many components to look at in determining how much your student’s education will cost. Annual private college costs compare favorably to those of public institutions once all awards are taken into consideration. Many students find that the cost of Grand View is comparable to a state university. After grants and scholarships, seventy-five percent of 2013 full-time, residential GV freshmen paid tuition, fees, and room & board that were comparable to or less than the published in-state prices at Iowa's public universities.

Grand View’s tuition is also very competitive with other private four-year institutions in the Midwest, in fact, much less than many. But there are several other factors that go into the final cost of a year at Grand View or any other college.

Financial Aid
There are several types of financial aid that reduce the price you actually pay.

Institutional aid. Many students receive grant and scholarship money from
Grand View. These institutional awards include academic awards, departmental awards, fine arts scholarships and athletic awards. Ninety-nine percent of GV students get institutional aid.

State aid. Many Iowa students qualify for the Iowa Tuition Grant, which is based on need. The typical maximum award is $4,000. The State of Iowa Scholarship and Iowa Grants may also be available to certain in-state students.

Federal aid. The federal Pell Grant or Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant can provide financial assistance to qualified students based on need.

Loans. Your financial aid package may also include the opportunity to take
advantage of various subsidized or unsubsidized loans. Our Financial Aid Handbook discusses what loans are available. Loans don’t reduce the cost of your education, but because their interest rates are low – and set by the government – they, also, are a good value.

Grand View will prepare a complete financial aid package for you that will show you the final cost. In many cases, that cost will compare favorably to the cost of a four-year public university.

Other Factors
How long it takes to actually complete a degree can be a significant factor in the cost of education.  Many students do not graduate in the traditional four years, due to financial considerations, the necessity of a job during college, double majors, and  life events.  Students at private colleges and universities are somewhat more likely, statistically, to complete a degree in four years than their counterparts at public universities.