GV Complete

The way college pricing should be!

At Grand View, we do college pricing differently. We do it the way it makes sense for families – we price your whole degree, not one year at a time like other colleges.

Other colleges won’t tell you the real cost of your education. You will know what year one looks like, but how about years two through four? We show you all four years up front, making Grand View more predictable, transparent and affordable.

With GV Complete you get:

  • Capped tuition and room and board increases
  • An academic plan or study so you graduate on time
  • A financial plan that tells you exactly what your costs will be while in school and after graduation
  • A completion coach who will work with your every step of the way

Who qualifies for GV Complete?

  • First-Year students (full-time day)
  • Transfer Students (full-time day, transferring 66 credit hours or less)

Want to Learn More?

Discover how Grand View University's unique program is capable of saving students an average of $3,137 over the course of their four year degree.

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Every family’s plan is different. We’ll sit down with you now and show you how GV Complete can work for you.

Beth Carlson
Title: Director
Dept.: GV Complete
Office: Student Center 123