Special Circumstances Reporting

*If you or your parent/spouse has experienced a loss of employment or an increase in expenses since you filed your FAFSA, you may qualify for a consideration of special circumstances for your federal financial aid.

The Department of Education gives financial aid administrators the ability to consider a family's special circumstances in determining financial aid eligibility.

If special circumstances affect your parents' or your ability to contribute toward educational expenses, please complete the appropriate form below and submit it to the Financial Aid Office. Each form contains several of the most common special circumstances along with the documentation requirements to process each request. Most requests require submission of Federal Tax Return Transcripts or signed federal tax returns and a letter explaining the circumstance. The Department of Education and Grand View University require you to submit proper documentation for your circumstances. Read the instructions carefully to ensure that proper documentation is submitted with your appeal.

All appeals are reviewed in accordance with guidance from the Department of Education and university policy. To report circumstances that should be considered in the 2020-21 academic year, complete the following forms and return them with the required documentation to sfreestone @ grandview.edu or by mail to: 

Financial Aid
Attn: Sarah Freestone
1200 Grandview Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50316

Student Special Circumstance Form

Verification Worksheet