GV Cares Emergency Fund

Don't Let $500 Stop You From Graduating!

About the GV Cares Emergency Fund

Grand View University has resources to help low-income students weather financial emergencies through the GV Cares Emergency Fund. Students can apply for small grants to help cover unexpected expenses just beyond their means, which allow them to quickly return focus to their academic pursuits.

Beginning Fall 2017, Grand View has awarded student emergency grants of up to $500. Qualified expenses are paid within 48 hours of an approved application. Students also will be referred to additional campus, community, and financial literacy resources to help address root causes or contributing factors to the financial emergencies, and help students stay on track to graduate.

The GV Cares Emergency Fund at Grand View is made possible by the generous donations of staff, faculty members, alumni and friends of Grand View.

Fund Requirements
  • Must be a part- or full-time undergraduate or graduate degree-seeking student at Grand View.
  • Must be a Federal Pell Grant recipient or have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $7,000 or less during the term that the student receives an emergency grant.
  • International students will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Must provide documentation (bill, repair estimates, late notice) for the financial emergency for which the student is applying to receive the grant.
  • May only receive one emergency grant throughout their enrollment.
What Qualifies as an Emergency?

To qualify for the GV Cares Emergency Fund, the student must be experiencing a financial emergency – defined as an unforeseen expense that, if not resolved quickly, could lead to the student's departure from Grand View University and a loss of momentum toward degree completion.

Examples of unforeseen expenses and required documentation include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with rent (a late notice or copy of lease)
  • Childcare (a letter from childcare provider)
  • Car repair (mechanic’s estimate)
  • Food/meals
  • Gas
  • Medical/dental expenses (medical bill)
  • Public transportation/bus pass
  • Books

All expenses must have documentation. Examples of appropriate documentation include, but are not limited to bills, repair estimates, price quotes, rental agreements, invoices, late notices, etc.


For more information, please contact Nicole Martinson, Director of Student Accounts at (515) 263-2941 or GV Cares directors, Ms. Julie Bantz at (515) 263-2847 or Ms. Pam Christoffers at (515) 263-6023.