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EPIC Scholarship Program

What is EPIC? EPIC (Educational Partners in Covenant) is a matching grant program that began in 1983 as a cooperative venture between Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) congregations in Iowa and their colleges: Grand View, Luther, and Wartburg. Lutheran colleges and universities exist in mission to prepare young people for life lived faithfully in service to God and the world. EPIC is a means of encouraging congregations to financially support their students who attend one of the three Iowa institutions.

Though the application process and benefits vary by institution, Grand View matches up to $500 per school year per student. The EPIC program is intended to encourage congregations to support young people in higher education. It is not a means for parents to funnel contributions to their student's financial needs.

Who can qualify? All Lutheran congregations that have students attending Grand View University. Congregations enroll in the program once, then send money only when they have students enrolled at the school.

How do congregations enroll in EPIC?  Check with your pastor or congregational council to see if your congregation is enrolled in EPIC. If not, a representative can enroll by downloading, completing and returning this FORM.  For more information, contact the Admissions department at 515-263-2810 or