GV Honors Program

What is the GV Honors Program?

The GV Honors Program is a selective, application-based opportunity to receive Honors recognition upon graduation. Students who capitalize on this program will undergo an exploration of humanity, society and life's purpose. GV Honors students will develop strong communication skills through discussions and collaborative learning opportunities - on and off campus. Begin learning in a completely new way, strengthen leadership skills and engage with peers and professors who share similar levels of intellectual curiosity.

Why Participate in the GV Honors Program?

By completing the program, you will develop deeply connected relationships with your classmates, both inside and outside of your major. These relationships are fostered through the Honors Program's unique ability to provide cohesive learning. Dive into intense discussions and learn through interactive small groups. Have fun exploring with other Honors members in the Logos After Hours class consisting of movies, theater and other Des Moines cultural opportunities. Furthermore, expand on your connections with professors for mentorship and leadership.

Bonus Benefits of GV Honors Program

  • Distinguish yourself with an Honors designation upon graduation
  • Engage in unique off-campus activities
  • Gain an additional academic advisor
  • Collaborate in a small learning environment
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Stand out to employers
  • Become more involved on-campus and in the community

How Does the GV Honors Program Work?

GV Honors Program consists of six semester-long courses, ranging from one to four credits each. Three of these courses will fulfill requirements in the general education core:

Required Course Fulfillment

 Honors Course Traditional Core Course 
Honors I: The Self and Meaning (4 Credits) Appreciation of Fine Arts 
Honors II: Society and Global Citizenship (4 Credits) Core Seminar II
Honors III: The Human Condition (4 Credits) Faith and Meaning

The remaining three courses are designed to branch into the Des Moines community and provide social, research and leadership opportunities. These additional courses include:

Additional Honors Course Credits 
Logos After Hours 1
Honors Thesis 1 or 3
Honors Activity (repeatable) 1

What About Transfer Students?

The Honors Program at Grand View University was designed with all students in mind. The required courses will begin when you start at Grand View University and allow you to become familiar with your cohort. We also have an agreement with DMACC to allow transfer students who have completed the necessary honors courses to transfer seamlessly into Grand View University's Honors Program.

How to Apply?

GV Honors Program APPLICATION DMACC HONORS Interest Form Honors Reference Form