Honors Program

Grand View offers two honors programs: the Logos interdisciplinary program is invitation-only for students in a variety of majors and the Bonfire Honors Magazine is for invited students with talent in communication, writing, art and design. Both provide an academic challenge and will expose you to opportunities in the community to practice what you're learning. 


Logos will change the way you think and the way you look at the world. With a challenging set of interdisciplinary seminars, Logos uses the great books of the Western tradition as a primary reading resource to hone your critical thinking, examine your beliefs and test your values. The two and a half year program fulfills many of Grand View’s core requirements in an intellectually rigorous learning environment.

Beginning in the first year, Logos consists of five courses, one per term for four semesters, and then a final course in the spring of your junior or senior year.  Each meets four hours per week. In sequence, the courses are:

  • The Self: Our Own and Others
  • Nature and Human Nature
  • Society in a Global Context
  • God, Death and Transcendence
  • Pursuit of Purpose

In the process of exploring challenging subjects based on the major questions of human life, you'll build understanding, learn to express yourself, form connections with other Logos students and experience learning as an activity that happens on a communal level. Projects and workshops take students off campus for expanded study opportunities.

Bonfire Magazine 

In the Magazine Honors Program, you'll produce an innovative publication that’s distributed throughout the Des Moines area, in print and online. In the process, you'll learn magazine design, layout and copy writing, as well as production and distribution. You'll find that Bonfire is cutting-edge magazine design, fresh and captivating writing, and great experience in the "business" of magazine production and distribution.

Produced by seniors in the Honors Magazine course was given the award for general excellence. Bonfire also won two design awards – a second place in the Feature Spread category for a design on a story about Vintage Vitae (designer Sammy Leung) and fifth place for the cover design (staff).

The first issue of Bonfire was published in 2007. The editor of the award-winning 2009 edition was Danielle Ameling, a 2009 graduate in graphic design. “Winning the American Collegiate Press Pacemaker Award is a great honor,” Ameling said. “To be recognized for our long hours, frenetic mouse clicking, and all around effort really validates what we've done and the goals we were trying to achieve.”

The Pacemaker Award, which includes a both a literary and general interest division, included entries from across the country. Editors from Wired Magazine in San Francisco judged the general interest category.

“The design and communications departments at Grand View always had a way of allowing personal freedom and exploration within the context of the courses,” Ameling said. “We were guided along the way, but in a way to further our own skills and strengths. Working on the magazine really demonstrated how each of our personal strengths could be utilized to create an amazing final product.”