Education Partners in Covenant (EPIC) Congregational Enrollment Form

Enrolling a congregation in the Education Partners in Covenant (EPIC) program is a one-time procedure. With this completed form, our congregation and Grand View enter into covenant as joint members of the EPIC program. We also understand that the students must be members of our congregation to be eligible for the match.

EPIC is a partnership between Grand View University and Lutheran congregations. Grand View matches up to $500 per year – for a maximum of eight semesters per student – for scholarships received from Lutheran congregations enrolled in Grand View’s EPIC match program. The university requires the church to submit its congregational support by check directly to Grand View’s Financial Aid Office to receive the Grand View match.

EPIC is a program for Lutheran congregations to support students attending Grand View. EPIC is not intended as a means of diverting family tuition payments through congregations in order to receive personal tax benefit. This is a violation of tax law that can jeopardize non-profit status for both Grand View and the congregation. Grand View reserves the right to refuse matching EPIC funds if the program is used improperly.

Both the yearly congregational award and Grand View’s match are divided equally between semesters. Although we will accept funds at any time prior to the end of the current academic year, payment received by September 1 for fall semester and January 1 for spring semester will maintain the student’s account in good standing.