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Education Majors

Secondary Education

The Secondary Education curriculum prepares you to be an ethical teacher of excellence in public or private schools. It combines a strong liberal arts background with rigorous professional development. The apprenticeship model requires extensive practical experience in public and private school classrooms in preparation for the final semester of student teaching.

Secondary Education majors must concentrate their study on one of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, or Social Science/All Social Sciences (American History, American Government, and World History).

Upon successful completion of the required curriculum of 130 credits, you are recommended to the State of Iowa Board of Educational Examiners for licensure.

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Courses and Requirements

Prerequisite courses for admission to teacher education, one year prescribed pre-education program including: Grade B or better

  • First-Year Composition
  • A math course
  • A science course
  • General Psychology
  • Making Connections OR Speaking of Faith and Meaning
  • Introduction to Education
  • Engaging All Learners
  • Instructional Planning and Assessment
  • Human Relations Training
  • Human Development  

Plus 3 courses in Initial Endorsement area

Courses Required for the Major:

  • Instructional Technologies
  • Pedagogies of Exceptional Learners
  • Education Practicum: Middle School
  • Middle School Methods
  • Education Practicum: High School
  • Methods of Secondary Education
  • Secondary Classroom Management
  • Content Area Reading
  • Secondary Student Teaching
  • ONE of the secondary content area teaching methods courses

Plus all required coursework for any ONE of the following endorsement areas:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • All Social Sciences

For detailed course descriptions, please go to the current catalog HERE.

Program Applications

These applications are for current Grand View students. If you are a prospective student interested in majoring in education, you will apply to Grand View through the usual admissions process, then apply to the teacher education program at an appropriate point.  To apply to Grand View, please go here. Current students can find applications for the program on the teacher education Blackboard community site.

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