COVID-19 Academic Credit Policies


Incoming Students

Undergraduate Students

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many high schools, colleges, and universities have adjusted their grading policies in an effort to support students while they finish the semester in extremely unusual circumstances. Grand View understands that you have questions about how your high school transcript will be reviewed, and how your college courses (including those you took during high school) will transfer to GV.

For students coming directly from high school:

Grand View will accept transcripts with pass/fail grades from 2020.

For students transferring from another college or university, and high school students who have taken college credit while in high school:

Grand View will recognize Pass or Satisfactory grades (or similar grading conventions that use different symbols) from 2020. Courses with earned credit will apply to your core, major, minor, and certificate requirements, even if a minimum grade is required, with the exception of courses (including program admission requirements) required in the Education, Nursing, and Social Work majors.

For incoming Education, Nursing, or Social Work majors

Each of these three majors must report student progress to their respective accrediting body, and we have to demonstrate you are making adequate progress in your coursework (i.e.: meeting minimum grade requirements). Depending on the institution, a pass/fail grade could reflect a student could have earned as low as a D- in the course (60%). Each of the majors of education, nursing, and social work has minimum grade point averages in order to ensure students are successful in their advanced courses, and ultimately, their placements (whether in schools, medical settings, or social service organizations). Allowing credit for a grade that could reflect as low as a D- would jeopardize the student's ability to be successful in future coursework as well as their intended career.

If you intend to major in one of these three programs, we advise that you retain your letter grade. If you attended a school that mandated P/F or other alternative grade schemes, or if your institution considers a P, S, or other alternate grade to be equivalent to a C or better, Grand View will assess your courses on a case-by-case basis.

If you take a core or elective course and earn a P or S grade, if it is not a required course (including program admission requirements) for one of these three majors, Grand View will accept the P/S grade.

Graduate Students

Grand View will accept courses with Pass or Satisfactory grades from 2020 at either the undergraduate or graduate level.  Undergraduate courses with earned credit will apply to your program prerequisites.  Graduate courses with earned credit will apply to your master’s degree requirements.