M.Ed 4+1 Program

Earn a Master's degree in Education in 5 years with Grand View's 4+1 program

Grand View University offers a 4+1 program where you can earn a Master of Education in just five years. Program participants begin taking graduate level courses while still working on their undergraduate degree. After obtaining a bachelor's degree, 4+1 program participants will complete the remaining courses within a year - each course running eight weeks. Participants are encouraged to begin teaching during this time.

4+1 Program Advantages

  • Save tuition dollars while still earning your Master's degree
  • Receive a higher salary in most cases
  • Obtain a second endorsement
  • Develop school leadership skills
  • Opportunity to become an instructional coach, mentor or lead teacher
  • Expand your knowledge of current education issues
  • Move one step closer to earning your doctorate

Program Timeline

Freshman & Sophomore year Take undergraduate classes as normal (Now is a great time to begin talking with your academic advisor about your interest in the 4+1)
Junior year Apply to 4+1 program
Junior year Begin taking graduate courses alongside undergraduate classes
End of senior year Graduate with bachelor's degree
End of senior year Begin regular teaching job
First year of teaching Complete remaining courses, obtain master's degree

Application Requirements

  1. Must be at junior status before applying and must apply no later than the semester before you expect to graduate with your undergraduate degree.
  2. A Grand View cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a 3.5 cumulative GPA in your education courses is required  
  3. Request 3 letters of recommendation: 2 should be from education faculty and 1 can be someone of your choosing.  You will request these when you complete the graduate application.
  4. Complete the “Assessment of Dispositional Professional Qualities” with the Education Department
  5. You must demonstrate proficiency in writing through submission of an essay and/or score on a standardized writing exam (such as the CBASE).  If you take the CBASE exam you must earn a score of four or higher.
  6. You must be a member in good standing of the Education Program and not on a plan for improvement.

Applicants who do not meet all four of the requirements may still be considered for admission to the program on a case-by-case basis. In these instances, the applicant will be interviewed by the department’s Admission Committee.

Students who are considering this program need to plan carefully as the program requires students to take full loads and perhaps courses in the summer. They are encouraged to begin working with an Education Department advisor as early as possible.