Welcome to Grand View's library! We're here to help make your university experience successful and enjoyable by providing access to resources, services, and spaces to support learning and success. The library facility is located in the heart of the Grand View University campus and is open for your convenience during the regular spring and fall semesters. The library can be easily located on the campus map.

We offer a variety of comfortable spaces for both individual and group study. We also provide networked computing and printing technologies for student use. If you have a question about the library's physical facility not answered here, please contact us.

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Interlibrary Loan

Grand View faculty, staff, and students may request items on interlibrary loan (ILL) free of charge.

Many of our electronic databases have an internal ILL function. In addition to this, a list of articles can be compiled through one of our databases and then the email function can be used to send the list to the library at library @ Please be sure to indicate on the subject line that it is an ILL, along with your name and contact information.

If the library receives the item in electronic format from the lending institution, it will be emailed to your account; often within 24-48 hours of requesting it. Library users may also bring paper lists of requests to the front desk of the library for fulfillment.


Computer Labs and Laptops

Several computer access areas are available in the Library, including labs, laptops, and wireless access.

First, is a library classroom with 29 networked computers, and a faculty workstation with audio system, video/DVD player, and LCD projector. There is a bank of six public access computers near the northeast widows, with an additional four along the east wall.

For the convenience of students, the library help desk is located between the classroom and the public access computers and will be staffed eight hours a day by a librarian to assist students with research needs or basic software problems.

On the opposite end of the main floor is a space designated for the private use of the Kurzweil software. This software program is specifically designed to assist the visually impaired, ESL students, and those with learning disabilities. The software will read aloud or translate any document or web page loaded onto the screen. This room may also be used for presentation practice, depending upon availability.

In addition, six laptops are available for check-out within the library. Students must surrender a valid driver’s license to the front desk personnel while the laptop is in their possession. The library has wireless internet access available on all three floors. Students and faculty may also bring their personal laptops for use in the library. All library computers are connected to the campus network and printing is available.

A photocopier, located on the main floor adjacent to the front desk, is available for public use at a rate of 10 cents per page.

Faculty Services

The Grand View University Library provides unique services to faculty and teaching staff in support of curricular and research needs. The Subject Liaisons are also available as needed. 

We welcome your requests. If you have any questions or would like services or resources not evident from the library website, please don't hesitate to contact us.

In addition to the special services for faculty that are listed below, the following information applies to students and faculty alike:

Class Instruction
The library staff provide first year student orientations or instruction in research techniques for specific areas. Each session is designed for that specific class level and subject area.

Research Assistance
Subject bibliographies for your personal or research needs will be compiled by a member of our reference department upon request. Please feel free to telephone them at (515) 263-2949 or email them at library @ Faculty may also submit these bibliographies to the library staff and they will photocopy materials the library owns and obtain the rest through Interlibrary Loan free of charge. All requests, except book, will be sent through campus mail or email dependent upon its original format. 

Interlibrary Loan
Faculty may initiate an interlibrary loan (ILL) in a number of ways. Many of our electronic databases have an internal ILL function. In addition, an electronic bibliography can be compiled in one of our databases and then the email function may be used send it to the library at library @

Materials to be placed on reserve can be sent to the library through campus mail. To do so, please print off, and include the attached document labeled Reserve Materials Work Order. For any questions, contact Sheri Roberts at (515) 263-2877.

Materials Request
Faculty may request that books, serials, or AV materials be purchased for the library's permanent collection. To place such a request, please contact Pam Rees, director, at (515) 263-6098.

Journals Routing
Faculty members are able and encouraged to have the current issue of any of the library's print subscriptions sent to them for viewing on a regular basis. Please contact Nate Thesing at (515) 263-2879 to explore this service. It is also possible to have the current table of contents of many of the library's electronic journals sent via email.

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