Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is located on campus in the Johnson Wellness Center. Our nursing professionals are available to assist you with all of your health care needs while you are a student at Grand View and all visits are confidential.

As a Grand View student, you will need to complete the instructions below to submit your health records online. All athletes, international students and students living in campus housing are required. Thank you and we look forward to providing for your health care needs.

If you have any technical questions or issues, please contact the Student Health Center at (515) 263-2823.

Update Your Health Information

Step 1: Upload Health Insurance Card
  1. Submit an image of your Health Insurance card by installing the FREE NExTT Pic App on your smartphone from Google Play or the App Store. Watch video
  2. Simply place your card on a dark background in good lighting to take the best picture. Your health insurance card information will appear in your account within a few days.
Step 2: Update Demographic Info
  1. Visit the Blue Ocean website and login using your credentials that were provided to you via email. 
  2. Click "Demographic Changes" in the sidebar menu on the left
  3. Update your email address (, phone number(s), birth date and/or address
  4. Click the "save" button when complete
  5. Return home when complete to continue
Step 3: Update Parent / Guardian Info
  1. Click the plus (+) sign to add information for each parent/guardian. Information for at least one (1) parent/guardian must be entered.
  2. Complete all fields marked with a red asterisk (*).
  3. Include at least one (1) valid phone number for each parent/guardian.
  4. Click "save."
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each parent/guardian.
Step 4: Update Contact Info
  1. Click the plus (+) sign to add information for each emergency contact. Information for at least two (2) emergency contact must be entered.
  2. Complete all fields marked with a red asterisk (*).
  3. Include at least one (1) valid phone number for each contact.
  4. Click "save."
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each emergency contact.
Step 5: Update Security Questions
  1. Answer your Security Questions in case you forget your User ID or Password.
  2. Select "My Security Questions" on the left side navigation
  3. Choose a question and answer for all three options listed.
  4. Click "save."
Step 6: Update Health History
  1. Click on the "Health History" menu on the left side navigation
  2. Select the "I Want to Edit My Health History" button.
  3. Complete each of the three sections listed (not necessary to complete social history and sexual history):
  • Personal History - Respond to questions/conditions in all System. Indicate Medications/Active History.
  • Family History - Respond to questions/conditions in all Systems. Indicate conditions and family members affected.
  • Surgical History - Click plus (+) sign) and provide detail for each surgery.

4. Click "save."

Step 7: Add Immunization Records
  1. Click on the "Immunizations" menu option n the left navigation.
  2. Add/Upload your completed immunization record by selecting "+ Add Immunization Document."
  3. Enter a Label - for example: IMMUNIZATION RECORD
  4. Click "select" to browse and upload your document. You may have to scan a hard copy record to a saved location on your computer for this step.
  5. Click "save."
  6. Document dates given for each vaccine in the vaccine list by selecting the pencil icon beside the exact vaccine received. Not all vaccines in the list are expected to have been received.
  7. Enter the date the vaccine was administered from your immunization record. Be sure dates for each required (red) vaccine is entered.
  8. Click "save."
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the TB questionnaire.
  10. Click "save."
  11. If you answered "yes" to any of the TB questions, make sure to upload your TB Test record to the "+ Add Immunization Document."

Download Instructions 

Student Requirements

To ensure your safety and the safety of those around you during your college experience, we require a basic health review and proof of immunization of all residential, international students, and athletes.

International Students
  • Have health insurance accepted in the United States.
  • You must submit a copy of your personal health insurance card annually.
Nursing Students
Student Athletes

All items should be sent to Grand View Athletics, 1200 Grandview Ave., Des Moines, IA 50316 or emailed to beinerson @

Frequently Asked Questions

Use the answers below to get all of your questions answered.

Why is Grand View implementing this change?
Grand View University is always looking at ways to streamline and improve ways in which students and parents complete paperwork. Rather than submit a paper copy of the student health form, our health records are now online within the secure NExTT portal. To complete your required records, please see the instructions above.
Will I be required to pay health insurance copays?
No, all copays will be covered by Grand View University.
What if I don't have health insurance?

If you do not have health insurance, you will continue to only be billed for physicals and women's health exams, any labs, tb tests, influenza vaccines, and minor procedures. If you have any concerns about your health center visit showing up on insurance explanation of benefits (commonly referred to as an EOB form),  you are encouraged to share your concern with the health care provider.

If you are currently uninsured, Grand View has teamed with Dennis Bell, Licensed Agent, to offer quality health insurance coverage for Grand View students. Mr. Bell will assist each individual student in selecting the affordable, comprehensive plan that meets his or her needs as well as all state, federal and health care reform regulations.

You may contact Dennis Bell at dennisbell @ or at (515) 223-9013 at New York Life, 4090 Westown Parkway, Ste. D, West Des Moines, Iowa 50266.

Who do I contact with questions with the online health portal?
If you have any questions, please contact the Student Health Center at (515) 263-2823.