What is the housing requirement at Grand View?

Students are required to live on campus for 3 years. There are some exceptions:

  • You are 22 years old prior to the first day of class
  • You are a veteran with at least two years active military service
  • You are married and living with your spouse
  • You have a dependent children living with you
  • You commute to school daily from the permanent, legal residence of their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) within 30 miles
  • You attended college for at least two years and held an off campus lease agreement during the two years of enrollment prior to attending Grand View
  • You have graduated from high school three or more years ago
What residence hall can I live in?

The residence hall you can live in is in direct proportion to how many years you have been out of high school. See the information below:

First Year Students

  • Knudsen Hall (single & double rooms)
  • Nielsen Hall (single & double rooms)
  • Langrock Suites (4 person suites)

Sophomore Students

  • Knudsen Hall (single & double rooms)
  • Nielsen Hall (single & double rooms)
  • Langrock Suites (4 person suites)
  • Hull Suites (4 person suites)

Upper-Class Students (Juniors & Seniors)

  • Knudsen Hall (single & double rooms)
  • Nielsen Hall (single & double rooms)
  • Langrock Suites (4 person suites)
  • Hull Suites (4 person suites)
  • Hull Apartments (4, 5, 6 person apartments)
  • L Apartments (2 or 4 person apartments)
Is there a deadline for submitting housing paperwork?
Our preference is that you submit your housing contract as soon as you receive it. Housing is at a premium and the earlier your contract is received, the better your chance is to receive your preferred housing choice.
How do I finalize the housing application process?
There are three components to the housing application process. You must complete the online housing and meal contract, and pay the non-refundable $100 enrollment deposit, and $200 housing deposit. When these three steps are completed, your housing application process is finalized and you will be placed during the housing placement process.
What are the different housing costs for on-campus housing?
This information is available on our Housing & Food Fees page.
Is the contract a binding agreement that has immediate, long-standing and irreversible financial obligations?
The housing and meal contract is a binding agreement between the student and Grand View University. The contract is for both the fall and spring semesters. If a student is a residential student in the fall and is enrolled in the spring at Grand View, he/she is under financial obligation for housing for the spring semester. Therefore, the contract is a two-semester agreement. Contracts can be terminated without penalty through July 1 by informing the Director of Residence Life in writing.
When will I receive my housing assignment?
Fall assignments are mailed around June 20 (for incoming fall students) or December 1 (for incoming spring students). Residential students who enroll after housing assignments are made in early July will receive housing information after placement occurs, which will be within two weeks of submitting the housing contract.
How do I know who my roommate is?
Housing assignments contain roommate information detailing where your roommate is from and how you can contact him/her.
How is it determined where I live?
Housing and meal contracts are important for the placement of students living in campus housing. Grand View does our best to meet the preferences of residential students. Housing and meal contracts, housing deposits, and enrollment deposits received are dated and preferred placement occurs by the date received. Also, it is important to remember that privileged spaces are limited and returning students are placed in their housing preferences before first-year assignments are made.
How do my roommate and I get pair together?
All of the residential spaces are same-gender spaces unless gender-inclusive housing is needed. Therefore, females are placed with females and males are placed with males. We gather and compare information from the housing applications and assign roommates based on academic major, athletics, interests, hobbies, music preference, etc.
Will I be guaranteed a roommate that I request?
Roommate requests are only considered if both roommates indicate on the online housing form that they want to live together. These dual requests are highly considered and likely placed together. However, the odds of being placed with a requested roommate diminish if both students' paperwork is not received by the May 1 housing application deadline. Without paperwork from both students, the roommate request will not be considered and the person with the paperwork in will be placed with someone else.
What kind of an environment am I going to be moving into?
Nielsen Hall and Knudsen Hall are traditional first year student living residence halls and are co-ed buildings. First year students also have a suite-style living option available in the Langrock Suites. The Hull Suites, is suite-style living primarily occupied by sophomores. Upperclassmen are typically placed in the Hull Apartments or the L Apartments. Upperclassmen looking for a private living atmosphere may request to live in a Knudsen single room. A resident assistant lives on each floor to help direct residents, answer questions, maintain a secure living environment, and provide activities for the community. 
What happens if my roommate and I do not get along?
Roommate conflicts occasionally occur. The residence life staff is trained to deal with these issues and it is our hope that conflicts can be resolved before they become a burden to either student personally or academically. After the first two weeks of school, if roommates are not getting along and are not having a quality experience at Grand View, we will do our best to accommodate these issues and move roommates into a different space that will better fit their lifestyle.
Are the residence halls air conditioned?

Knudsen and Nielsen Halls do not have air conditioning. Students living in these halls can request approval to bring their own window AC unit by emailing studentlife@grandview.edu with a link to the model of AC unit they plan to bring, which must be the style that sits inside the room with a tube up to the window. All other student residences are equipped with air conditioning. Students in need of air conditioning in these spaces may contact the student life administrative assistant at (515) 263-2885 for additional information.

What is provided in the residence halls and what can I bring?

Visit the Housing Options page to view housing amenities and information on what to bring with you and what to leave at home.

Are laundry services provided?
Washers and dryers are located in every residence hall on campus.
What policies am I going to have to live by?
All residential policies are laid out in the Student Handbook (PDF) but a few major policies are listed below. Knudsen, Nielsen, Langrock and Hull Suites are dry, meaning no alcohol can be possessed or consumed in those buildings. Alcohol is permitted in the Hull Apartments and L Apartments, but only for students who are of legal drinking age. Twenty-four hour courtesy hours are in effect and there are specific quiet hours also. All campus buildings are smoke-free.
Are pets allowed in residence halls?
No pets are allowed, except for fish in aquariums of 15 gallons or less, or animals that have been approved as Emotional Support Animals by submitting an Accommodations Request Form. More information about accommodations can be found on the Accessibility Services page.
Is the campus safe?
We have security officers on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The number to contact security is (515) 263-6000. Residential buildings are locked at all times and have ID card access to residents. Emergency phones are located throughout campus and are directly connected to the Des Moines Police Department. Escorts are available by campus security at any time. Cameras also are used in our residential parking lots to add security. Additional information is available on the campus crime report.
How do I get into my building and onto my floor?
The Grand View ID card you receive will grant you access to your building and/or your floor of the residence. Your ID picture will be taken during registration and you will be given your ID card in your move-in packet during New Student Days weekend. Students will be charged a replacement fee for lost or damaged IDs.
What is my address and how do I receive mail?
The mailing address, which includes USPS mail and shipping services (UPS, FedEx, etc.) for all students is:

Student Name
Student Box Number
2811 East 14th Street
Des Moines, IA 50316

The US Postal Service will deliver all addressed mail to the Student Center.  Campus Services delivers mail to student mailboxes, located in the Student Center. Mail is distributed weekdays by 5 p.m. when offices are open. You will be given one mailbox for your entire stay as a residential student. 
On the contract, I have determined what meal plan I want. How exactly does that work?
Meal plan options are offered for all students at Grand View.
Where will I eat?
There are several food service options available. The Student Dining Center, located on the second floor of the Student Center, is the main dining location on campus and offers all you care to eat full service dining, including a Mediterranean kitchen offering pizza and pasta dishes, a produce market and deli, an All-American grill as well as an exhibition station. Grand View Express, on the first floor of the Student Center, offers access to a variety of snacks and beverages, specifically tailored to students on the go. Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Library offers a sophisticated blend of freshly baked bagels and sandwiches, hearty soups, specialty salads and gourmet coffee.
What if I need first aid?
Each hall director has a first aid kit in their room for minor injuries. Additionally, on-call RAs carry first aid kits with them and are available to respond to student requests. A nurse practitioner is located in the Health Services Office in the Wellness Center and can assist you with health issues. If you have an emergency that requires hospital attention, our residence life staff is trained in proper protocol. More information can be found on the Student Health Center page.
Can I stay in my residence hall over university breaks? What about meals during those times?

Students may occupy their unit commencing on the designated move-in dates at the beginning of each semester, as published by the Residence Life Department, until the designated checkout date which shall be no later than 24 hours after the resident’s last final exam or, if graduating, immediately after the completion of the commencement ceremony.

Residents are not allowed to remain in campus housing during winter break (except for residents in the Hull Apartments, L Apartments, or those living in a single dormitory room on a designated upperclassmen floor). Residents in all other locations (Knudsen Hall, Nielsen Hall, Langrock Suites, and Hull Suites) wishing to stay in their room during winter break must first seek approval by Residence Life and will be charged a daily rate. 

Meals are not provided during Thanksgiving, winter, or spring breaks. Notices of hours of operation for dining services will be posted for university holiday weekends and breaks.

Does Residence Life help with finding off-campus housing?
Grand View students who are eligible to live off campus will find many housing opportunities in the Des Moines area, from apartments to houses or rooms in private homes. Because off-campus housing is so readily available in the area, the university does not provide a referral service. If you're looking for housing off-campus, you'll want to take advantage of online services available such as the Des Moines Register and other publications, many of which are free.
Should I have renters' insurance if I am living on campus?
Rental insurance is recommended for students wanting to protect personal property from possible loss, damage, or theft.