Campus Clubs

Ask Grand View University students what advice they would give to first-year students, and they’ll tell you, “Get involved!” In fact, research shows that college students who get involved in clubs and organizations get better grades and report having more fun in college than those who don’t.

Check out our many campus clubs below to see what Grand View has to offer.

Club Title Description Advisor(s)
American Association of University Women (AAUW) Advances equity for women and girls through education, advocacy, philanthropy and research.
Dr. Amy Getty and Dr. Brittany Cottrill Lloyd
 BESO The purpose of B.E.S.O. is to promote and advocate for bilingual/bicultural/ELL education. B.E.S.O. provides opportunities for students to network, fellowship, support one another, and grow through professional development. B.E.S.O. also seeks to serve/mentor/recruit future bilingual educators and engage with underrepresented populations in the community.  Attending and participating in conferences related to bilingual/bicultural/ELL, enhancing leadership skills, and connecting with resources are other main purposes of B.E.S.O.  Lindsay Grow
 Black Student Union (BSU) Provide opportunities to expand knowledge of African American Culture and work toward establishing a cohesive union of African American students, African American faculty and the greater GV community.
Steven Kellogg and Kimberlee Gregory
Campus Fellowship

Provides Christian fellowship for all students and opportunities for students of the same faith to interact and serve the university. If you're looking to get connected, visit our website.

Alex Krumm and Pastor Russ Lackey
Diversity Alliance

The Diversity Alliance organizes many events to promote campus cooperation and understanding, including:

  • Annual Multicultural Fair
  • Bi-weekly Meetings
  • Campus Awareness Project
  • Cultural Sharing Programs
  • Multicultural Visit Day
  • Campus Speakers
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration
  • Conferences
  • Community Involvement in Diverse Communities

Grand View appreciates and values the diversity inherent in our campus community. Differences in race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, and physical ability contribute to an enriching environment that celebrates our common values and augments the strength of our campus community. As members of an open and affirming institution, we are proud of the diversity and harmony of our students, faculty, and staff.

Alex Piedras

Dance Marathon Plans a large annual event to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network; focuses on helping kids and their families when they are suffering from illnesses.
Heidi Pries
Gamma Phi Kappa A social sorority that strives to achieve scholarship and serve the GV community.
Brigid Ernst
Golf Club
The golf club will unite all students that enjoy the game of golf and give them a central location to share their passion with others. Kip Bottenfield
GV Eco
A. To provide students with experience and opportunities to discuss and debate environmental issues.
B. To better educate the university community about issues relating to the environment.
C. To establish techniques to make GVU a more sustainable living environment and to work to fix sustainability issues across campus.
Paul Brooke
 Investment Club Provides Grand View University with a platform where students can learn more about investments in a fun and open environment. Tom Annis
P.R.I.D.E. (People Respecting Individual Differences Everywhere) Provides students a safe atmosphere and seeks to educate the campus about what it means to be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.
Dr. Joshua Call and Dr. Cynthia Wiley
Veterans Club Provides support and resources to assist veterans in the transition from military to education.
Kip Bottenfield
Viking Brigade Supports and raises campus involvement and spirit with athletics and other activities.
Dr. Jason Bauer
Viking Catholics
The mission of Viking Catholics is to build a community of Catholic students, staff, and faculty while also being a resource for those who wish to learn more about the Catholic faith. Pastor Russ Lackey
Viking Volunteers

Promotes and participates in local volunteer opportunities.

Heidi Pries
Voz LatinX

Provides the GV community with opportunities to create a bond with others and serve the Latinx student community at large.

Alex Piedras and Mariana Villa-Drees