Other Programs

At Grand View, its about more than the typical classrooms and lectures, we are here for students of all ages and levels of education to get involved. We offer academic programs that fit every person who wants to expand their educational experience.

Biology for Career Professionals Certificate Center for Mentoring, Coaching & Leadership Development
GEAR UP Iowa GV Honors
ROTC Partnerships Study Abroad
School Personnel to Teacher Pathway  

Are You Over 65?

We offer classes for people of all ages and classes are divided into two categories: degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking. 

Degree-Seeking Students
Degree-seeking students over 65 follow the same policies and processes as any other degree-seeking student including payment of all regular tuition and fees. You are required to meet admission requirements, apply for Federal and State financial aid, and meet with an advisor to register after you have been admitted. Learn More

Non Degree-Seeking Students
Students over 65 who are non degree-seeking are eligible to register for undergraduate classes at a discounted rate, equal to the fee assessed for audited courses if you plan to earn credit for the course. To audit the course (attend the course without earning credit for it), you must declare at the time you register that you do not wish to take the course(s) for credit, and you may attend at no charge. This standing cannot be changed at a later time. To receive this benefit, you must submit proof of age and a completed request form at the Registrar’s Office. Learn More

  • Registration will begin for non degree-seeking students one week prior to the start of the class and will be completed only if there is an available seat in the class.
  • Only 20 credits earned while a non degree-seeking student may be applied toward a Grand View University degree.
  • Completion of coursework as a non degree-seeking student does not guarantee admission to a Grand View University degree program.