Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values

The core values at Grand View University provide a foundation for faculty, staff, and students to fulfill the mission and achieve the vision of the institution.

Purpose Statement

Grand View changes the world through the purpose-driven lives and vocations of the students it serves. Believing all individuals possess talents and abilities that are meant to serve society, Grand View educates students to seek truth, think globally, care deeply, decide carefully, act ethically, and work diligently to improve life for all.  This work is inspired by Martin Luther’s vision for the life of a Christian and is accomplished through the Lutheran approach to higher education.

Mission Statement

Grand View University engages, equips, and empowers students to fulfill their individual potential and serve society. Committed to the development of the whole person – mind, body and spirit – and to preparing students for successful careers and responsible citizenship both in their communities and in a diverse and changing world, Grand View offers a liberal arts education that:

  • Challenges students to inquire with a disciplined and critical mind, communicate effectively, and display an awareness of the global issues that affect us all.
  • Creates a community of learners where differing perspectives are welcome, where friendly interaction is the norm, and where intellectual and personal integrity is expected and modeled.
  • Offers a supportive environment where students can engage in community with others, discern life purpose, and grow in leadership.
  • Affirms Christian faith and ethics as a vision for life, a vision that enhances our respect for the diversity and dignity of all people, for relating to others, and for the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Informed by its Danish Lutheran heritage, Grand View is a School for Life.

Vision Statement

With boldness and confidence, we will…

  • Provide a rigorous education that prepares students for successful careers and inspired lives;
  • Afford this opportunity to all qualified students, including those who have been under-represented in college populations;
  • Preserve the virtues of independent, residential, church-related, liberal arts education for future generations;
  • Blend the strengths of engaging and interactive in-class experiences with appropriate technologies to enrich learning and extend our reach;
  • Build community ties that enhance life in the region and add value for our students.

By doing these things well, we can emerge as a leader within the higher education community.

Values Statement

Grand View is a university of the church, for the world. As a school for life, grounded by our faith foundations and the conviction that education is best accomplished within community, Grand View values… 

  • In academic life: excellence with integrity, critical inquiry, dialogue between faith and reason, liberal (liberating) arts, and vocation.
  • In student life and work life: community defined by Christ and creation, promotion of individual freedom, respect for the law, civic engagement, and commitment to wellness.
  • In faith life: worship, ecumenism, pastoral care, student leadership, and theological literacy.

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