Transfer Students

It’s a great time to transfer to Grand View! It doesn’t matter if you are coming from a community college or another 4-year college or university, we will help you through the transition so you can achieve your goals.

No matter what major you’re thinking about, you may be able to transfer in as many as 75 credits from a community college or junior college. If you have an A.A. or A.A.S. from an Iowa community college, you will be automatically admitted at junior status. Our staff are experts in discussing your transfer credits and guiding you through the entire process. Also, students transferring 66 credit hours or less can take advantage of GV’s unique GV Complete program.

Consider viewing any of our Transfer Virtual Information Series event videos to learn more about transferring to Grand View.


Psychology or Human Services transfer students will have the opportunity to take up to 12 credits as part of the Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. This will allow students to complete the master’s degree in 4 semesters instead of 5 as a full-time graduate student.

Social Work transfer students will be able to use the Fastrack option and complete the Master's in Social Work in three semesters starting in the summer. Students with an AA degree will be able to earn a bachelors and master’s degree within 3 years.

Transfer Credit Policies

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