Student Counseling Center

Welcome! The Grand View University Counseling Center provides free counseling to students through in-person or telehealth licensed counselors. Services include individual and couples counseling, education, consultation and referral to campus or community resources.

Frequently discussed concerns include:

  • Relationships
  • Life Transitions
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Body Image
  • Substance Use or Gambling
  • Grief & Loss
  • Eating Disorders
  • Trauma
  • Interpersonal Violence

Schedule an appointment

Counseling on Campus is short term with connection to community-based treatment providers as needed. To schedule for Counseling on Campus, click the link above.

Telehealth Counseling through Uwill allows the student to select their own counselor based on preferences including availability, issue, gender, language and ethnicity for up to five sessions in a calendar year. They can also select times that fit their schedule including nights and weekends. Options for text and chat is also available. Uwill is Private. Secure. Confidential. Click here to register/login.

24/7/365 Mental Health Crisis help is available to students at 833-646-1526, connecting you with a licensed mental health counselor. (For medical emergency, call 911)

Confidentiality and Privacy: Federal and state laws along with professional ethical standards prohibit disclosure of any information you provide unless you provide written consent. If a Grand View College official, parent, or anyone else should inquire about you receiving counseling services this information could not be disclosed without your written permission. There are certain situations where your information may be released without your permission. These situations are primarily related to concerns of imminent danger or court ordered disclosure. Your rights of privacy and the confidentiality exceptions are outlined in greater detail in the consent to treatment forms you will be provided prior to your first counseling visit.


Meet Archer - Grand View's Therapy Dog!

Archer the Therapy Dog

Archer will spend his time in the counseling department in individual sessions. He will also be starting an anxiety group in the near future and will be found wandering campus looking for people to pet him. He will have regular student drop-in times around campus. As a certified therapy dog, he is welcomed to be pet anytime!

Benefits of a therapy dog are shown to reduced psychological and physiological stress, decrease negative emotion, increase feelings of being supported, reduce blood pressure, contribute to a relaxed and soothing environment, and promote a sense of belonging on campus.

Welcome Archer!

Archer the Therapy Dog