Academic Clubs

At Grand View, learning can be much more than a classroom experience. Joining an academic club is an effective way to enhance your education. Collaborate with classmates on research and professional projects, test your knowledge and skills against students from other colleges and universities, develop professional connections with experts who work in your field of study, and delve deeper into your interests than you ever thought possible.

Most of the academic groups listed below are tied to national professional organizations with a vast network of members, guest speakers, and other experts. Campus groups are led by students, but overseen by faculty members to ensure participants are getting the most out of their involvement.

Club Title Description Advisor
ASBMB (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Connect students interested in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a network beyond Grand View and the Des Moines community.

Bonnie Hall
Art Club Promotes a greater appreciation of art through various projects and art exhibitions. Open to all students.
Rachel Schwaller
Biology Club Open to all students interested in biology and understanding of scientific topics.
Marisa King
Education Club Open to students interested in becoming educators and explores teaching as a career and understanding the field as a profession.
Dr. Jo Aukes
History Club Furthers historical understanding and raises the lessons of the past to enhance the future.
Dr. Katharina Tumpek-Kjellmark
Human Services Club Furthers social and personal growth and promotes the general welfare of members.
Dr. Jill Sudak-Allison
Kinesiology Club Promotes the importance and benefits of health and wellness throughout the Grand View community.
Dr. Zeb Sullivan
Math & Computer Science Club Encourages students with math and computer science interests to pursue academic advancement and field-related opportunities in this area.
Dr. Sergio Loch
Nursing Student Association (NSA) Open to all students enrolled in nursing and pre-nursing programs; prepares nurses for active participation in nursing affairs and future directions.
Rachel Seltz-Falk
Phi Beta Lambda Business Club Recognizes academic achievement in curriculum of business administration and accounting. Encourages involvement and harmonious relationship with public and private enterprise and promotes high ethical standards in the fields of business and accounting.
Robert Ruisch
Pre-SOMA Provides information and knowledge about osteopathic medical schools and what they have to offer to students planning to pursue a medical degree.
Dr. Felicitas Avendano
Psychology Club Promotes interest in research and applied understanding of psychology.
Dr. Joshua Woods
Social Work Club Promotes interaction of social work students and raises campus awareness about social issues and social problems.
Myke Selha
Spanish Club Focuses on practicing Spanish and participating in community and cultural activities.
Coralie Turner
Sport Management Club Provides opportunities to expand knowledge and awareness of the field of sport management, to increase engagement with sport management practitioners in the field and to promote service and volunteerism at sport organizations and events locally and beyond.
Scott Bull