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Plus-Minus Grading FAQs

When will the new policy take place?
The new policy will apply to all courses in the fall 2019 semester.
I began as a student before the fall 2019 semester. Will the grades that I have earned be affected by this policy?
No.  The policy applies only to courses offered in the fall 2019 semester and later.  For example, if you earned a “B” in a spring 2018 course, it will not change to a “B-” or a “B+”.
I began as a student before the fall 2019 semester, so can I be grandfathered in under my original catalog and not receive +/- grades?
No.  Instructors will be able to issue +/- grades beginning in fall 2019 in all courses, and there is no opt-out or grandfather provision for students.
I am a graduate student. How will this affect me?
The new policy applies to courses taken by graduate students the same way it applies to courses taken by undergraduate students.
Will all courses at Grand View use the +/- system?
All instructors will be able to issue + and - grades into their grading scales beginning with fall 2019 courses.
Will transfer credits be affected?
In the past, GV has not entered a + or - grade for a transfer course onto the GV student record – only whole grades were entered.  Starting spring 2020, all transfer grades will be entered with +/- if they were earned as +/- at the previous institution.  As has been the case, no transfer grades will be counted in the GV cumulative GPA. 
What about repeating courses?
The policy regarding repeating courses still applies: the most recent attempt will be the grade of record and will count in the cumulative GPA.  For example, if you earned a “B” in a spring 2019 course and then earned a “B-“ when you repeated that same course in fall 2019, the “B” would remain on your transcript for spring 2019 with an indication that the course has been repeated.  The B- would count in the cumulative GPA even though the grade is lower because it was earned in the most recent attempt.
If I earned an ‘incomplete’ for a course taken before fall 2019, but I complete my coursework during the fall 2019 semester, can I earn a + or – grade for that course? 
No, because the course was offered in a semester prior to the fall 2019 semester.
How will this affect my grade point average?

Grades will be assigned a quality point value according to the table below.

Grade Quality                Points
A                                      4.00
A-                                     3.70
B+                                    3.30
B                                      3.00
B-                                     2.70
C+                                    2.30
C                                      2.00
C-                                     1.70
D+                                    1.30
D                                      1.00
D-                                     0.70
F                                       0.00

How will this be communicated to students in the syllabus?
As always, faculty members will be expected to explain in their syllabus their grading system and how they will incorporate +/- grading in assignments.

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