Horizon Scholars

Horizon Scholars is a community for first generation students to develop and prosper at Grand View University.

Within this community you, along with other students from various academic backgrounds, will foster lifelong friendships, participate in community and campus-wide activities, and create your personal definition of success while building a solid foundation for academic achievement.

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Next cohort will start spring 2025.

As a Horizon Scholar you will:

  • Participate in three separate 1-credit courses over the spring of your first year and into your sophomore year
  • Cultivate skills that will lead to leadership and career opportunities
  • Engage in weekly conversations with faculty, staff, and peers aimed at developing academic resilience, emotional intelligences, and your identity
  • Receive support to assist you with a smooth transition into Grand View and surrounding communities and beyond through your sophomore year
  • Develop, lead, and execute a variety of community-based projects
  • Participate in a variety of co-curricular programming for a unique academic experience both in and outside of the classroom
Horizon Scholars Courses

INTS – 140X – Horizon Scholars I – Getting Gritty
This course is for individuals admitted to Horizon Scholars. Scholars will focus on developing academic resilience, leadership development, and community awareness in this course. Scholars will focus on building a community amongst themselves and Grand View campus. Scholars will also participate in a service-learning project.

INTS – 160X – Horizon Scholars II – What’s My Mission?
This course is for individuals admitted to Horizon Scholars. In this course, scholars will focus on personal development by establishing a mission and a personal board of directors. Scholars will also participate in project management training and, as a group, create and execute a service-learning project.

INTS – 240X – Horizon Scholars III – Taking it to Next Level
This course is for individuals admitted to Horizon Scholars. In this course, scholars will build on what they learned in Horizon I-II and begin working on a project for a small business or local non-profit.

INTS – 260X – Horizon Scholars IIII – Just the beginning…
This course is for individuals admitted to Horizon Scholars. In this course, scholars will finalize the project they begin in Fall. In addition, scholars will present their overall experience of the two years and receive training to be peer mentors for future cohorts. 

Mission Statement

The Horizon Scholars Program provides a holistic approach to developing each scholar to build a strong sense of self-identity, academic resilience, and belonging on Grand View's campus.  

The Horizon Scholars Program will: 

  • Provide a space where individuals can freely express the emotions, challenges, and successes they face while here.  
  • Encourage students to achieve excellent grades and establish strong relationships with students, faculty, and staff across campus.  
  • Commit to embracing each other differences and lifting one another up on our journey. 

Program Benefits

This community based leadership program is design to build leadership and life skills to promote academic success. Students selected as Horizon Scholars will engage in a three-semester enriched undergraduate educational experience that integrates both curricular and co-curricular learning.

Person Ready Scholars will be able to articulate and leverage skills, strengths and competencies by understanding the value of self-reflection.

Learner Ready Scholars will receive resources and support to enhance/improve their academic abilities. In addition, they will be excellent critical and creative thinkers with the ability to solve complex problems.

Career Ready Scholars will develop a variety of professional skills to be prepared for future employment or graduate school opportunities.

Leader Ready Scholars will develop their own personal leadership style and identity to help guide the way they engage with peers. They will also be prepared to be peer mentors to support other cohorts of Horizon Scholars and other students.