Information Technology

Our goal is to provide a quality-computing environment for faculty, staff and students. This includes technical support, software support, hardware support, networking support and educational technology support. Use the information below for assistance.

Campus TV Requirements

Grand View University provides cable TV service to all residence halls via Mediacom.  Mediacom is an all-digital cable TV service which allows viewers to experience better picture and sound quality. Most TVs purchased since 2008 have digital converters and will work with Mediacom. Even though all televisions manufactured after 2008 are required to have digital receivers, we are finding many new TVs that do not have digital tuners built-in to them. These are typically lower end TVs. We have seen a wide array of manufacturers that are not including digital tuners.

To ensure that your television will work, look in your TV owner’s manual for labeling that states, “Digital Ready,” “DTV,” “Digital Tuner Built in,” “QAM,” “Integrated Digital Tuner,” etc.  If your TV has any of these terms, your TV should work with Mediacom. Do not confuse this with HDTV, HDTV refers to the picture quality and not a digital tuner. 

Televisions whose owner’s manual states only a NTSC tuner will not work on Mediacom. This may also apply to older televisions and possibly a few newer TVs. To connect your Mediacom ready TV, just plug your TV into a wall jack with a coaxial cable and complete an auto-tune. Students must bring or purchase their own coaxial cable for their TVs. If your TV does not have a digital tuner, you can pick one up from the Student Life office. Supplies are limited, once we run out, older TVs will not work.

Computer Lab Access & Network Storage Space

As a Grand View student you have access to computer labs across campus. Please see Computer Lab Locations & Details (login to myView required) for information on where the computer labs are and the technology within each lab.

To access the computers in the labs you will need to know your myView username and password. Details are provided in the myView Login Information tab. In addition to computer lab access you will be allowed up to 500MB of network space and will have access to these documents from any lab computer on campus. Your personal network space Windows operating systems is the My Documents folder and on Macintosh computers it is the StuFiles folder.

Education Discounts on Technology

As a Grand View student, you receive discounts on apple and dell computers. The Grand View campus ID number is US7913856.


A Grand View email address is provided for all students and employees. It is important for you to check your Grand View email account often, as email is a common source of communication within the campus community. Grand View email can be accessed through myView. If your mobile device is compatible with Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync you may be able to synchronize your device with Grand View email. For help on Grand View email including mobile device sync directions, click on a provided link below.


Free Software

Students receive a FREE subscription to Microsoft Office.


myView Information

myView provides a single point of access to email, course schedules, grades and other electronic resources. Only registered students and employees have access to myView. myView student access is setup within a few days of being accepted. myView employee access is setup after all HR paperwork has been processed. New registered students and new employees receive a welcome letter sent to their personal email address explaining how to sign onto myView.

To access myView, you will need to enter your myView username and password.

Viewing Schedules & Grades Account Billing, Financial Aid

Through the GV Self Service functionality of myView you can access your schedule, academic plan, search for classes for future semesters, view grades and transcripts. You can also view your Financial Aid and make an electronic payment on your bill. To access GV Self Service, log in to myView and access the GV Self Service menu on the right-hand side of the page.