Campus Ministry

Grand View Student Ministries exists to bless the students at Grand View with the love of Jesus Christ. We welcome people at all stages of faith - the searcher, the doubter, and the committed.

Our mission is to engage your mind, body, and spirit. Through GV Student Ministries you'll be able to be who you are and become who you are called to be. Getting involved will help promote community while also supporting yourself and others to think critically about faith and life. There is a place for you in GV Student Ministries!

Get Involved

Getting involved in GV Student Ministries is easy! Each year there are various opportunities for:

  • Worship
  • Musical Gifts
  • Bible Study
  • Prayer
  • Mission
  • Service
  • Peer Ministry
  • Fellowship
  • Outreach
  • Bible Study
  • Preaching

Whether you have a strong faith, no faith, or are somewhere in-between, there is a place for you to get involved.

Small Group Ministry

  • Bible Study - A weekly, student-led study of scripture. All people of all backgrounds are welcome.
  • Fellowship of Christians Athletes - Athletes gather every week for a devotional and community time. Things can get a little ridiculous but it is always fun and Christ-centered.
  • Viking Catholics - Catholics on campus get together every week for Bible study and to figure out times to attend Mass together.

Church Connect

We believe that it is important to be involved in the body of Christ with people of all ages. Our hope is that every student would become an active participant within a local church during their time at Grand View. The churches in our area can be dynamic and transformative communities where you can live out faith. You may not find one exactly like the one you grew up in, but you may find that God has something new for you to learn about spiritual growth within the body of Christ. 

If you are a church and would like to connect with Grand View please fill out the following form.