Nominate a Student for NEXUS

There are many great people who would be a great fit for NEXUS, and NEXUS would be a great fit for them! They are the builders of the church - today and tomorrow.

They are the ones who are tired of the same old thing. The ones with bigger than life questions; the ones not satisfied with the status quo; the ones who know God is up to something and want to explore more; the ones who are simply bored with church as it is, and want to do something about it. Maybe it's the girl who wants something more, but church can't quite provide it. It's the athlete with a lot of energy and smarts, but he's not clear how the church or his faith can be the thing to channel that brilliance. It's the girl who has a never ending flow of ideas, and who is theologically smarter than many adults; she just needs that spark and the right environment to turn it all into something great. If you know someone like this, nominate them for NEXUS!