Academic Success and Recovery

You Belong at GV!

You are a part of the Grand View family and we want you to succeed academically – and we also realize that sometimes things don’t go as planned. The resources found here are intended to support students at Grand View wanting to improve their academic success, including those with an academic standing of either warning or probation.  We have a variety of resources designed to support you, including tutoring, disability services, counseling, success seminars and the Getting to the Goal program. See you next semester!

First Steps

For students who recently received a letter indicating they have an academic standing of warning or probation, meet with your academic advisor at the start of next semester – no later than the end of the first week of classes.

If your academic standing is warning

Academic warning is a program at Grand View University designed to support students at risk of falling below the academic standards needed to graduate. This standing does not show on your transcript and is intended to serve as a "warning" that improvement is needed. Students with an academic standing of warning are encouraged to make use of the Academic Learning and Teaching (ALT) Center and to seek guidance from their advisor to ensure they stay on track.

How Is Warning Determined?

  • Student cumulative GPA is above 2.0 but term GPA is below 2.0
If your academic standing is probation

Academic probation is a program at Grand View University designed to help students get back into good academic standing. Students with an academic standing of probation may be required to participate in the Getting to the Goal mentoring program, the LIBA-105X Academic Success course, or success coaching. Your academic standing letter outlines the academic support program options for which you are eligible. 

How is Probation Determined?

  • Cumulative GPA is below required level for class standing (see Course Catalog for GPA requirements)
If you are the parent, guardian, or partner of a student

If your student is experiencing academic challenges, one of the best ways to help is to encourage them to take full advantage of the resources on campus:

To understand the definitions of Academic Warning or Academic Probation please refer to their respective sections above.  

  1. Recommend they meet with their Academic Advisor.
  2. Ask if they are using the ALT Center. This center helps students with Math, Writing and Academic Classes through tutoring. The ALT manager also can help students with time management, study skills, and other success skills.
  3. If your student is an athlete, they may also contact the Athletic Success Coordinator.

Additional Resources

Suggest your student work with the following, as appropriate:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Getting to the Goal?
Getting to the Goal matches students with a faculty/staff mentor who will help them to create and follow a personalized plan to reach a 2.0 GPA. Students will meet with their mentor every 2-3 weeks through the entire semester.
How has Getting to the Goal helped other students?

Quotes from Past Participants

"Getting to the Goal has helped me tremendously because it made me realize how important it was for me to complete my education… I needed to figure out some way to improve my GPA… to help me set up my goal plan like time management, better study habits, and stress management. Setting up those goals and plans have helped me get back on track in terms of improving my GPA and getting back to good academic standing because I now have the proper resources to succeed. Having frequent meetings with my advisor has helped me a lot because I have someone who can give me different input and check if things are working out or not. Getting to the Goal also helped me figure out my major because it allowed me to try different courses to see what sparked my interest. Having different strategy conversations with my advisor  helped me to better understand my skills and balance work and school life.”
          -Kinesiology major, class of 2020 

“The part of the program that made me more successful was figuring out how to improve as a student by taking time out of my day just to review work we did in class that day. Doing this helped me become familiar with the subject. The best part of the program was reflecting on the things I did wrong so I knew what I needed to improve on… it all benefited in some way.”
           -Sport Management major, class of 2021
Is there a class I can take to help improve my academic success?

Yes! You may want to consider enrolling in LIBA-105X – Academic Success I. This is a 1-credit class designed for students who want to improve their academic habits and discover a greater sense of motivation in their academic pursuits. The course covers goal-setting, anti-procrastination techniques, habit-building, study strategies, and self-care.

How do I know the required GPA to return to good academic standing?
This information can be found in the Course Catalog.
What is success coaching?

Success coaching is a holistic support program. In success coaching, students identify academic and personal obstacles to success, and they meet regularly with the Student Success Program Manager to proactively address those concerns and strengthen their GV support network.

*The policies mentioned refer to Undergraduate Students only. Graduate students needing more information should contact the Graduate School.


  1. If you have a question about academic standing, please contact Debbie Gannon, Registrar, at dgannon @
  2. If you have a question about Getting to the Goal, success coaching, or the academic success course, please contact Jade Horning, Student Success Program Manager, at
  3. If you have a question about your course schedule, please contact your academic advisor or completion coach. You may also contact Bonnie Hall, Director of Faculty Advising at bhall @