Center for Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership Development

The Center Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership Development at Grand View provides a unique opportunity to receive high quality training in compassionate listening, mentor-coaching skills and leadership development. The Center was launched in February of 2021 and provides seminars, workshops and certifications through the Adult Education Department. 

Available Certificates

Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership Development Certificate

The primary purposes of the certificate process are to help you become a better version of yourself and a more effective leader by introducing you to the concepts and practices of compassionate listening, discovery learning and the IDEA method of individual mentor-coaching and small group facilitation.

Those who have completed the certificate have benefited in their interpersonal communications skills, team building and management abilities.

Some of our certificate recipients have gone on to do one-on-one coaching, training others in compassionate listening and doing mentor-coaching in their business or non-profit settings. Most have found that participating in a certificate cohort has helped them grow personally and led to healthier connections with other people. 

Supplemental Certificates

These certificates first require completion of the Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership Development Certificate program.

Certificate in Facilitating Small Discovery Learning Groups

This training is an introduction to the IDEA method of mentor-coaching in a small group context. The IDEA approach is useful for individual mentor-coaching and small "discovery learning" groups. Both situations can facilitate relationally empowering opportunities for personal insights and transformational growth.

Cost: $400 (Includes manual, snacks/lunch and supervision)

Length: One-day training session followed by a supervised practicum

Target Group: Certificate holders who have the potential and desire to learn how to facilitate small discovery learning groups

Certificate in Enhanced Coaching Skills

This training is for certificate holders who want to further develop mentor-coaching skills. You will work on active listening and learn to ask "powerful questions". Powerful questions help coaches think more deeply about what they are learning in order to make better decisions and grow in healthy ways.

Cost: $400 (Includes book, snack/lunch and mentor-coaching supervision)

Length: Pre-training Zoom meeting and one-day training with follow-up supervised practicum

Target Group: Certificate holders who have the potential and desire to learn how to become better active listeners and ask better questions.

The Enhanced Coaching Skills (ECS) certificate also requires a supervised practicum to be completed 5 weeks after successful completion of the initial ECS training.

Certification Process

In order to earn a Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership Development certificate, you must first apply to the program.

CMCLD Online Application

In order to be accepted, you must first complete the prerequisite requirements.


Mentor Coaching Seminar

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You have probably heard the word "mentor" and "coach" talked about from time to time. What are they, really? This interactive seminar is designed to help clarify this question by defining, comparing and contrasting the concepts, describing what healthy mentoring and coaching looks like, discussing the concept of discovery learning and practicing fundamental "active listening" skills for effective mentoring and coaching.


Coaching Skills Training

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Individuals often deny or resist what they are told. But, when they make a discovery on their own, they embrace it. Coaching is all about the power of discovery. Coaching empowers individuals to discover the way forward. Coaching has also become an essential skill and paradigm for leaders in the workplace, non-profit sector, and church ministry context.

Following acceptance into the program, you must complete three segments:

  Focused Living Workshop Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership Development Workshop Mentor Coaching Practicum
To Be Completed First Second Last
Cost $250 $250 $250
Program Length One Friday-Saturday session One Friday-Saturday session Four mentor-coaching sessions with four separate individuals
Other Requirements Coaching appointments Coaching appointments Two supervisor appointments, evaluation for competencies

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