Servant Leadership Institute

Servant Leadership Institute (SLI) Application

The Servant Leadership Institute (SLi) is sponsored by the Center for Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development at Grand View University. It is an Adult Learning certificate program designed to provide high quality training in Servant Leadership at a reasonable cost for individuals who may not have had an opportunity to gain this type of training through formal educational programs and processes.

Robert Greenleaf, Servant Leadership, is known as the founder of the Servant Leadership School of Leadership theory and practice. He states that, “The servant-leader is servant first, it begins with a natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first, as opposed to, wanting power, influence, fame, or wealth.” Greenleaf got much of his inspiration and insights into servant leadership from his understanding of Jesus Christ (in the Bible) as the primary model of what a servant leader looked like and how servant leaders can relate to others.

The Servant Leadership Institute will expose participants to both marketplace and Biblical concepts of Servant Leadership. Each participant in the Institute will have a certified mentor-coach who will walk through this process with them as a support and resource. Participants will work through The Servant Leadership Workbook, meet monthly as a group, meet at least once with their mentor-coach between group meetings, watch videos and read books/articles related to servant leadership, and as a group develop and participant in a community service project.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Servant Leadership development is best accomplished through relational empowering, accountability and discovery learning. People tend to experience the greatest life and leadership changes when they are valued, supported, and discover/decide for themselves what course of action they want to take. If you discover it, you own it, and may put what you learned into practice! To this end, each participant will have an opportunity to explore/discover:

1. PERSPECTIVE: Where have I come from?

2. DESTINY: Where am I going?

3. STRATEGY: How do I get there?

4. LEGACY: What do I leave behind me that really matters?


The topics to be addressed in the Servant Leadership Institute (SLi) over the ten-month training process follow the chapters in The Servant Leadership Workbook:

Leadership, Leadership Theories, and Leadership Development

Chapter 1: Leadership and Leadership Theories

Chapter 2: Human Development and Leadership Emergence Theory

Chapter 3: Jesus as the Model of Servant Leadership

CHARACTER of the Servant Leader

Chapter 4: Identity Formation

Chapter 5: Discovery Learning, Transformation, and Finishing Well

COMPETENCIES of the Servant Leader

Chapter 6: Leadership Formation

Chapter 7: Gift Mix and Leadership Competencies

CALLING of the Servant Leader

Chapter 8: Strategic Formation

Chapter 9: Focused Living

CONVERGENCE of the Servant Leader

Chapter 10: Transitions, Change and Convergence


The total cost for the Servant Leadership Institute (SLi) is $1000 that includes all aspects of the 10-month process (Workbook, meetings, meals, mentor-coaching, etc.). We do provide some partial need-based scholarships (please note this on your application). To apply to become a participant:

  • Fill out the application beginning on February 1, 2022 and no later than May 1, 2022.

  You will need to submit two reference in addition to your application

  • Completed Applications will be reviewed every two weeks and acceptance will be decided and communicate within a week of the review
  • If accepted, a $250, non-refundable deposit needs to be submitted by no later than June 1, 2022 and final payment needs to be received by no later than July 15, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Paul Leavenworth, Director of the Center for Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development at Grand View University at or 515/491-1726.