19% Transfer Enrollment Increase, 5th Largest Freshman Class

September 20, 2018

Grand View University announced an increase of 31 full-time day students in their fall 2018 class over fall 2017. Additionally, they enrolled the 5th largest freshman class in history and saw a 19% increase in new transfer enrollment and a 160% increase in graduate enrollment. Full-time enrollment is also up this year – to 1,589 students. The total number of students is now 1,885.

According to Grand View president Kent Henning, “We’ve worked hard over recent years to demonstrate that Grand View is an affordable option for a high quality education. I’d like to believe this year’s class recognized that value.”

Grand View is also an increasingly residential campus with a greater number of students living on campus. All campus housing facilities are nearly full, with 832 students living on campus.

Debbie Barger, Vice President for Enrollment Management, discusses reasons for the increase, “Grand View has an exceptionally focused effort on student success, which has led to stronger retention for students returning to the fall semester. Our strong value proposition and location in the vibrant Des Moines community make Grand View a very attractive option for students looking to continue in their programs of study.”

Another contributing factor is the GV Complete program. With this initiative, Grand View, unlike most colleges and universities, offers predictability in the cost of a student’s degree up front by limiting annual increases to 2.5% to incoming new freshmen participating in the program. This price guarantee allows for the ability to plan financially for all four years, including total student loan borrowing and to know what monthly payments on student loans will be up front. A Completion coach is dedicated to each student to assist with planning and staying on track academically and provides coaching and mentoring along the way.

State-of-the-art facilities, quality academic and athletic programs, a general positive interest and increased awareness have also influenced Grand View’s growth.