Student Research on Display

December 14, 2022

For the first time since fall 2019, the biannual SHaPE (Social Work, Sociology, Human Services, and Psychology, Education) Research Symposium was held in person. On November 16, students enrolled in EDUC 146-Psychology and Development for Educators; PSYC 101-General Psychology; PSYC 380-Sport Psychology; and SWRK 410-Social Work Research Project displayed posters reflecting a wide array of topics.

The event launched with a welcome for the 123 participating students from Dr. Rachelle Keck, Grand View President, and Dr. Carl Moses, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. After the welcome, students presented their work to faculty and staff judges, as well as peers from each of the courses associated with this fall’s symposium. Five top scorers were announced, reflecting categories of upper division (PSYC 380) and lower division (PSYC 101) literature reviews, application of theory, and original research. Awards were provided for the top scorer from each category and an overall first place winner, which reflected the poster with the highest score overall. 

For the first time ever, two posters tied for top score, with average scores of 99 out of 100 possible. From PSYC 380-Emma Cochran, Jacob Craven, Caleb Grizzle, Hannah Oleson, and Rocky Schoenfelder, upper division literature review, sought to answer the question, "Does Positivity Influence Injury Recovery?" Tied for first place was an original research project (SWRK 410) presented by Courtney Dolash, "Transgender Identity: How Transgender Individuals Work through the Identity Formation Process."

Second place was awarded to Kaitlyn Lind (SWRK 410) for an original research poster, "The Use of Evidence-based Practices in the Juvenile Justice System."

The third-place award was provided to the PSYCH 380 team of Max Plunkett, Alicia Winterboer, Jessie Frasher, Caden Beaton, and Ruthie Jahn in a literature review on Stress and Performance.  

Fourth place honors were presented to Shawn Young (EDUC 146) who completed an application of theory project on the topic of Visual Arts and Learning. 

In fifth place was the team of Emma Dunlavey, Alyse Shotten, Cullen Koedam, Alex Casarez, and Madison Laymen whose literature review for PSYC 101 explored Serial Killers.  

Thanks go to the judges who reviewed and commented on each of the 27 posters in the symposium: Alex Zama (Business Administration), Amy Reimer (Biology), Paul Rider (College Dean), Erin Kim Cho (Communications), Aaron Tinder (Art), Kris Owens (Psychology), Diana O’Leary (Education), Amy Getty (English), Paul Brooke (English), Heather Brady (Liberal Arts), Randy Daniels (Math), Bonnie Hall (Biology), Luke Bennett (Math), Liz Rullestad McAllister (Kinesiology and Health Promotion), Kristin Dvorak (Registrar), Kristin Kang (Math), and Amy Daugherty (Business Administration). 

Faculty developers for the event were Dr. Josh Woods (Psychology), Dr. Jaci Easter (Education), and Dr. Cathy Beck-Cross (Social Work).