2016-2017 Outstanding Faculty Awards

April 26, 2017

Grand View University held its annual Honors Convocation on Friday, April 21. This ceremony recognizes students who have achieved academic excellence during their careers at Grand View.  Four faculty members were also recognized for their contributions to the campus community.     

Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Award

Bonnie HallA friend of Grand View established this award to honor a faculty member who demonstrates a commitment to enhancing student learning through inter-disciplinary connections, who utilizes creative and effective teaching strategies, and who demonstrates a genuine care and concern for Grand View students.  The criteria for this award are associated with the exemplary teaching practices and positive faculty-student relationships that are encouraged by Grand View’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

This year’s honoree truly embodies the spirit for which this award was created. This faculty member has excelled as a teacher and shows a remarkable commitment to student success even beyond her own classroom and discipline. 

In the classroom, students consistently report that she is very demanding in terms of workload and subject-matter, but that she comes alongside them to provide the support they need to be successful. She utilizes a team-based approach to student learning, which allows the students more practice and hands-on experiences to grasp the course material.  At the end of the semester, students leave her class feeling more self-confident in their knowledge and abilities.  It is common for students to comment that her classes are some of their most engaging, informational, and interesting ones.  Many students report
being incredibly challenged, but experience tremendous growth as a result.

This honoree also connects with students outside of her discipline. She teaches a very popular core seminar section, weaving throughout it topics of chemistry, psychology, biology, engineering, project management, sociology, and medicine.  This approach turns students on to the value of the liberal arts and teaches them how to be critical thinkers. 

Finally, this professor works to improve the experience of all of our students. She has volunteered to serve on numerous committees, most recently on the Advising Taskforce and Student Success Integration Team. Now she is serving as one of two faculty members helping us launch the new advising software.

In sum, today’s winner is an exceptional teacher, outstanding advisor, and generous contributor to our student success goals. It is our honor and privilege to present the Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Award for 2017 to Dr. Bonnie Hall.

Outstanding Academic Advising Award

Lauren HaughThe individual receiving this award is being recognized for her ability to assume new responsibilities during this transitional time in advising roles across our campus. She has worked tirelessly with both CPAL and full-time day students who have very different needs, and contributed to a variety of commitments and action teams. She is one of the most proactive advisors on campus.  She reaches out to her  advisees when deadlines loom and she is always responsive when asked to review her advisees who should be submitting graduation applications, and she has a very thorough knowledge of the tools that Grand View has adopted for advising.  Her accuracy is exceptional in the submission of her advisees grad applications which is vital in assuring students have a great experience at Grand View.

Additionally, she looks for opportunities to improve the student experience. She has check lists that she utilizes to record her own notes and materials to ensure that she does not miss something when welcoming our new transfer students. She also looks for opportunities to improve systems for students and shares them appropriately.

Most importantly, she always makes the time to visit with a student to lend them that special support when their primary advisor is unavailable. She always helps them with what she can and makes clear notes to later touch base with the students’ advisor and staff members who need to track the student, and ensures the student has an action plan when leaving the meeting when concerns are not totally resolved.

This year’s recipient is an exemplary advisor who truly wants her students to have a successful experience at Grand View. It is our honor and privilege to present the Outstanding Academic Advising Award for 2016-2017 to Ms. Lauren Haugh.

Excellence in Scholarship Award

Michael LaGierThis individual was nominated because he epitomizes the quality of a scholar— one that has a sustained commitment to scholarly works; one that makes a notable impact on his academic field, and one that helps inform his teaching. The pinnacle of his scholarly work in microbiology is to publish in a peer-reviewed journal. Since his doctoral graduation over a decade ago, he has published thirteen journal articles and one book chapter. Three of these publications were created at Grand View and one was co-published with Grand View undergraduates and recently accepted by the Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science.

He has continuously created and submitted grants to compete for research monies. He has been awarded eight competitive research grants amounting to approximately a quarter of a million dollars that were funded through sources such as the Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health.  He was also awarded approximately $5,000 in research dollars by the University of Iowa Better Future for Iowans program and the Iowa Science foundation to engage undergraduates in new learning experiences.

His publications have been cited in related, peer-reviewed publications and two of his works have been cited 86 times by scientists around the world. He has been invited to share his expertise and has made over 20 oral and poster presentations at national and international scientific conferences. He has also been an active peer-reviewer of scholarly works.

He continually finds creative and resourceful ways to enhance his teaching by his use of scholarly activities. His recent use of his DOE grant helped develop a classroom research experience, BIOL 499, where five undergraduate students worked together to general novel research data using genomic sequence data. He has also mentored three undergraduates in individualized research experiences to promote student engagement outside of the classroom.  He has also made poster presentations at local conferences and a successful admission to a competitive summer research experience.

This nominee is a consistent, noteworthy and dedicated scholar and deserves to be recognized for his outstanding accomplishments. It is our honor and privilege to present the Excellence in Scholarship Award for 2016-2017 to Dr. Michael LaGier. 

Distinguished Faculty Service Award

Bryan McQuideThis award is conferred upon a faculty member who has demonstrated  exemplary service to the University and made a positive impact. This year’s honoree has distinguished “himself” as a model for what we at Grand View envision faculty service to be. His service contributions are diverse, impactful and contribute to the University in many ways. First, he has served as the Chair of the Assessment and Program Evaluation Committee during the past three years, while serving on the committee for five years.

He is primarily responsible for providing feedback on annual assessment reports, program reviews, working with the Provost and his special assistant to keep both the committee and the University in line in terms of best assessment practices. He has planned developmental sessions to help program chairs enhance their own assessment strategies while helping implement a new seven-year program review cycle. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that assessment of student learning is top notch, robust, and sustainable. 

Second, he has served as the Department Chair of Political Studies during his APEC service. He has embraced this responsibility by essentially advising all students within this program and working diligently to develop and deliver a number of online and blended courses with success.

Third, he has served on a number of University committees and task forces. Recently, he has accepted an invitation to Chair the Standard Pathway Accreditation Criterion Four Sub-committee and to serve on its steering committee.

Fourth, he serves our students and our surrounding community in many important ways. Besides advising students in his program, he is the advisor for the GVU Republicans Club, and has reached out to our students outside his program by regularly sharing his expertise with first year students via teaching of Core I sections. He has openly shared his expertise as a political scientist with the Des Moines community through interviews. He is a man of faith who serves his church as a Sunday School Teacher.

For his dedication and commitment to our students and the Grand View community, we are proud and honored to present the Distinguished Faculty Service Award for 2016-2017 to Dr. Bryan McQuide.