2017-2018 Iowa College Media Association Awards

February 7, 2018

On Thursday, February 2, Grand View University’s radio station, KDPS Radio 88.1, was named the best in the state at the 2017-18 Iowa College Media Association awards. The win marked the ninth in a row for KDPS and its advisor, Professor Stephen Winzenburg.
Grand View students also earned many individual awards for their work on the air, in print and online.

In total, KDPS earned 32 of the possible ­­­­44 awards and eight of 11 first-place awards.

In the news media portion of the contest, Grand View’s Viewfinder Media, which produces a print magazine and a news website ( earned 19 awards, including five first-place awards. Viewfinder is advised by Assistant Professor Dayne Logan

Complete list of Iowa college media award winners

Radio Competition:

Radio Station of the Year: 
KDPS Radio, Grand View University

Best Show
1st – Molly Cox and Kimbery Anak-Nelson
2nd – Nick Clayborne and Andrew Tressel
3rd – Jake Thompson
Honorable Mention – Kyle Wiebers and Tyler Brunner

Best Air Personality:
1st – Alyssa Childress
3rd – Jeb Eischeid
Honorable Mention – Jaidin Ross

Best Promo:
1st – Tobias Tyler and Jackson Paine
2nd – Scott Thompson and Andrew Tressel
3rd – Bailey Smith
HM – Tyler Brunner

Best PSA:
1st – Kimberly Anak-Nelson and Jeffrey Fitzgerald
2nd – Nick Clayborne and Andrew Tressel
3rd – Jake Thompson

Best Commercial:
1st – Alyssa Childress
2nd – Tobias Tyler and Molly Cox
HM – Noah Bardwell

Best Newscast:
1st – Ben Moeller
2nd – Bailey Smith
3rd – Alyssa Childress

Best News Programming:
2nd – Jake Quirk
3rd – Tobias Tyler

Best Show (Entertainment):
1st – Molly Cox and Kimberly Anak-Nelson
2nd – Alyssa Childress
3rd – Abby Mason
HM – Tea Clopton and Chloe Pacha

Best Sports Program:
1st – Andrew McGuire
3rd – Jackson Paine
HM – Kimberly Anak-Nelson

Best Feature Package:
3rd – Krister Strandskov

Best Long-Form Radio Package:
1st – Ben Moeller
3rd – Andrew Tressel

News Media Competition: 

Best Sports Photograph:
HM – Bailey Starner

Best Investigative News Story
1st – Meghan Gerke
2nd – Christa Vandenburgh

Best Profile Story:
1st – Meghan Gerke
HM – Maddie Westergard

Best Sports Feature:
HM – Chelsey Kimmel-Kendrick

Best Opinion Writing:
3rd – Morgan Stanley

Best Review:
2nd – Meghan Gerke

Best Opinion/Editorial Leadership:
1st – Missy Farni and Christa Vandenburgh

Best Print Design:
1st – Meghan Gerke
3rd – Melanie Vespestad
HM – Kally Frisch

Best Magazine/Special Section Cover:
2nd ­­– Meghan Gerke

Best Online Design:
2nd – David Willem and Kierin Churchman

Best Online Edition:
2nd – Viewfinder Staff

Best Infographic:
3rd – Meghan Gerke

Best Online Video:
1st – Wes Higgenbotham and Josh Williams
HM – AJ Leporte and Chris Stovall

Best Use of Social Media:
HM – Viewfinder Staff