2019 Spring Study Tours Announced

February 5, 2018

We are excited to announce that the following study tour programs are tentatively planned for Spring 2019.  Of course, many more details will be provided in the future months, but if you’d like additional information, please contact one of the faculty members involved. 

The tentative 2019 Study Tours are:

Spain:  Experience Perspective, People, and Paella!

Led by Coralie Turner (Modern Languages) and Amy Schumann (Modern Languages)

Tentative dates:  May 7-18, 2019

South Africa:  Discover Your Passion Through Global Health

Led by Brenda Carlson (Nursing) and Kristen Myers (Nursing)

Tentative dates: May 1-24, 2019

Oregon:  The Oregon Adventure

Led by Kristin Larson (Theatre) and Ross Wastvedt (Humanities and Education)

Tentative dates: May 12-21, 2019

Alaska:  The Alaskan Adventure

Led by Sergio Loch (Mathematics) and Janelle Patterson (DMACC, Nursing)

Tentative dates: May 7-25, 2019  

More information on Study Tours