2021 Faculty and Staff Awards

April 21, 2021

The Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Award is awarded to a faculty member who demonstrates a commitment to enhancing student learning through inter-disciplinary connections, who utilizes creative and effective teaching strategies, and who demonstrates a genuine care and concern for Grand View students.

This year’s honoree is Dr. Jaclyn Easter, Assistant Professor of Education (Science).

Dr. Easter takes pride designing innovative pedagogical practices that best support deep student learning. She uses a unique, standards-based approach to designing her courses. They are rigorous and model practices that her students, who will be future teachers, will see in their K-12 classrooms. One of her students shares, “I appreciate how Dr. Easter uses a standardized grading method. It encourages broad thinking and understanding of complex topics. It also allows students to apply the concepts being taught to their lives and varying situations. Because she grades this way, I am encouraged to actually think about the material instead of just memorizing it.”

Dr. Easter has promoted innovative, creative, and effective teaching practices at Grand View in multiple ways. Though she has years of experience in her field, Dr. Easter continues to video record herself teaching. This self-reflective method is one she has found effective in her own career and a method she assigns to students. This sets high expectations for her students to put the same reflective thought into their own careers in the years to come.

The Outstanding Academic Advising Award is presented to a staff or faculty member who exhibits, through academic advising, a strong commitment to student success.

This year’s honoree is Ms. Jacquie Welty, Assistant Director & Academic Advisor, Graduate & Professional Studies.

Jacquie is the initial face of the institution for most evening/weekend students, whether graduate or undergraduate. In addition to the administrative tasks within the Graduate and Professional studies (scheduling, retention work, honors society, etc.), she carries an advising load of 150 to 200 students. 

Jacquie's passion and dedication to her students and Grand View has never been more apparent than in the past year. While the pandemic hit all students hard, the adult population often feels the effect even more. Jacquie has used an array of skills to advise students in person, over email, phone and Zoom. She does this from the hours of 8 a.m. until as late as 10 p.m. some evenings because that is simply the ONLY time her students can meet. 

Jacquie takes the time to get to know her students and prioritizes helping them achieve their goals.

The Excellence in Scholarship Award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated significant achievement in the area of scholarship.

This year’s honoree is Dr. Paul Brooke, Professor of English.

For 25 years, Dr. Brooke has provided a model for faculty of how to do scholarship well, how to keep evolving in that respective field and how to integrate that scholarship into teaching. Since 2008, Brooke has published four books. In 2014 he was nominated for two Pushcart prizes. Over 100 of his poems have been published in literary journals and some have been selected for inclusion in top journals. He was also selected by Black Mountain Press as one of 64 of the best poets of 2018, and was invited for a three-week scholarship residency in Iceland.

In terms of integrating his research into his teaching, Brooke does a great job as he practices what he teaches, and preaches. He keeps reinventing himself as a writer, as a photographer, as a naturalist and as a teacher. All these things interrelate and drives his passion, making him a very dynamic professor in the classroom.

The Distinguished Faculty Service Award is conferred upon a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary service to the University and made a positive impact to the campus community.

This year’s honoree is Dr. Shannon Juergens, Associate Professor of Business Administration/Chair of Department.

Shannon continues to demonstrate excellent service to the University in a variety of ways. She chaired the COPS+ committee and the committee for online and professional studies. Shannon is an excellent advisor to her students. She also serves as the coordinator for the business and accounting network event, internship coordinator for BSAD and is an active member of the graduate council. 

Shannon continues to donate her time to Meals from the Heartland and regularly volunteers to help with student events, new student orientation, transfer student days and wherever she is needed. Shannon has always worked to make her classroom feel welcoming to all her students. She likes to bring in perspectives of all students and works to help every student succeed. 

Congratulations to all of our honorees!