Accepted Proposal for Professor Ammertte Deibert

October 5, 2017

Professor Ammertte Deibert, Sociology Department, has proposal accepted: “Home Shapes Us: A Conversation on Professional Impairment of Social Workers” for the Wendt Character Initiative Conference at University of Dubuque.  Proposals for the interdisciplinary conference were blind reviewed. 

Professional impairment in social work is not a new topic.  The National Association of Social Workers acknowledged the problem in 1979.  In 1992, there was a plea for the need for social workers to give increased attention to this topic as has been done with other helping professionals.  More recent, professionals are doing extensive research on this topic.  Therefore, this conversation is looking at continuing factors contributing to this problem including socialization connected to family of origin.  Part of the conversation is about a scale that could be used for selection of students being admitted into programs and also hiring practices after graduation.  The scale looks at risk for professional impairment. Other risks connected to impairment will be discussed: for instance, students and workers with mental illness, substance abuse or misuse, depression, emotional contagion, parentification and/or physical, sexual and emotional abuse in the family of origin.  Last, the conversation will discuss social work ethics connected to professional intervention with students and colleagues.