Ahmadu A. Baba-Singhri Participates in 2018 NIDOA-USA Inaugural Investment Summit

October 31, 2018

On behalf of the United States National Headquarter of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Organization (NIDO) Americas, Professor Ahmadu A. Baba-Singhri was privileged and honored to receive a special invitation as a guest of honor to serve on two different panel discussions October 12-14. 

The panel discussion was titled, “How Human Trafficking Destroys the Individual and National Image and Security and Economic Development.” Ahmadu was also the lead motivator for the 2018 NIDOA-United States Inaugural Investment Summit titled “Nigeria’s Development Efforts: Obstacles, Analysis, and Sustainable Actions."

NIDOA USA is a non-profit organization recognized by the Nigerian Federal Government as the official diaspora organization of the Nigerian diaspora worldwide. The core vision of NIDOA USA is to bridge the communication gap between the Nigerian Diaspora communities and our policy makers, businesses and stakeholders in charting a way forward for Nigeria’s development initiatives. NIDOA –United States with 18 local chapters has engaged and organized series of projects, programs and events centered on implementing its formation objectives.

The 2018 NIDOA-USA Inaugural Investment Summit drew tremendous attention from stakeholders in both countries. The event was designed to draw strong connections to sustainable actions to growth and investments in the core Nigerian socioeconomic sectors, and also assist the private corporate companies in the Nigeria market and evolve their brand names to the wealthy Nigerian population living in the United States.