Professor Ahmadu A. Baba-Singhr to Speak at Harvard

July 9, 2018

Professor Ahmadu A. Baba-Singhri, Ph.D., M.A., BSC, CSP, Chairman, Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology at Grand View, will travel to Boston July 13 -17 for a conversation, “Mothers Without Borders: Steering Youth Away from Violent Extremism” at Harvard University. 

The focus will be on community action for peace involving cross sections of youth. The expectation and hope is to share and learn from other’s experiences that transform our global communities into extended families of shared opportunity and growth. The group believes that youth, mothers, policymakers, media, and voices who engage within our communities hold the highest promise for finding solutions that work, because they will be by and for us.

"I think it's a great opportunity to be asked to speak on such an important topic of our times as we continue to face global security threats from religious and ethnic violent conflicts," says Baba-Singhri. "This is an encouragement on our efforts to address the insecurity going on in Nigeria, especially, northeast of the region, where school girls have been reportedly kidnapped, compounded with the recent killings in the country. It's great that Grand View University is part of these efforts to address global security, as well as the professional development to be gained through this event."

This opportunity also fits well with courses that Professor Ahmadu A. Baba-Singhri covers --Homeland Security and Juvenile Delinquency.