Alex Piedras Receives Leadership in Diversity Award

January 6, 2020

Alex Piedras, Multicultural & Community Outreach Director at Grand View, has been selected to receive The Leadership in Diversity Award from the Chinese Association of Iowa’s Achievement Awards Committee.

The Leadership in Diversity Award recognizes individuals and organizations that demonstrate outstanding creativity, commitment and effectiveness in promoting diversity in the state of Iowa. As a key community organization, Chinese Association of Iowa believes that it is essential to identify and honor role models who can inspire all of us, especially the younger generation. 

With so many community events and programs, there has never been a more important time to recognize the contributions made by businesses, organizations and individuals in communities across the State of Iowa and overseas who give their time and energy to support our community.

Previous award winners have all been excellent examples of the leadership and volunteer spirit demonstrated through the awards.  From the oldest member to the youngest, these individuals, businesses, and organizations have demonstrated generosity and a strong commitment to improve the well-being of our communities through their leadership, volunteerism, and sacrifice.

With each award, the Chinese Association of Iowa publicly affirms present achievements, seeks to encourage further work on the part of the recipients and hopes to motivate others to follow their lead in service to Iowa communities. The annual Iowa Chinese Achievement Awards Ceremony will be held at Grand View University on Saturday January 25, 2020 (Iowa Chinese New Year Celebrations, Iowa Chinese Achievement Awards Ceremony, China Visa Service). 

Congratulations Alex!