Alicia Elifritz Named Alumni Book Prize Winner

March 8, 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 Alumni Book Prize Winner Alicia Elifritz. This year's editor, Rebecca Gilseth, is an English major. The book cover was designed by Leilani Luker, also an English major. Qualified submissions had to have finished full-length fiction, nonfiction, or poetry manuscript of 150 pages prose or 70 pages poetry. The winning entry receives 100 copies of their published work, a book signing, and a full social media campaign.

Book Description: Just as a young life is opening up with promise, a diagnosis of leukemia disrupts everything.Then and Now takes us inside the mind of a cancer patient as she comes to terms with her new reality and grapples with the unimaginable. This profound book is full of hope, growth, and triumph but refuses to withhold the unpleasant truth of a life-threatening diagnosis. Back "then" we follow her relentless search for answers and meaning, revealing immense strength and resilience despite the heavy toll of treatment. And "now" we see a renewed reflection of self and examination of cancer’s permanent impact on life.

Rebecca says, "I've been extremely grateful for the chance to work on this book project. It would not have been possible without the collaboration and effort from everyone involved. Alicia's work is a powerful reminder to appreciate every moment in life, and her prose depicts her experiences with sincerity and depth."

Paul Brooke, Professor of English at Grand View, says about Then & Now: "Alicia Elifritz just rivets with this deeply reflective narrative. The voice is honest and revealing, while taking us through an amazing journey of pain and persistence. In the end, we are transformed by the experience, left breathless at her story and her love of life."