Annual Honors Convocation Held

April 23, 2019

Four full-time faculty members were recognized for their exemplary teaching and dedication to students at our Annual Honors Convocation on April 12, 2019.  Below are the scripts that were read for each of them.

Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Award – Dr. Zeb Sullivan

This year’s honoree truly embodies the spirit for which this award was created.  This faculty member has a determined and positive attitude and demonstrates a “no excuses” dedication to the education and success of our students.  In the classroom, this person is innovative and constantly encourages students to think deeply and critically.  A faculty colleague has observed on multiple occasions that this person provides hands-on, active learning tasks that push students to delve into data, think critically, and apply concepts and theory to learning.  One student shared that our recipient pushed her to challenge herself daily and always believed in her when she had doubts.  This view is shared by so many students fortunate enough to have a course with our recipient.

Students commend our recipient as an effective mentor and friend—a clear indication of the good rapport he establishes with students based on mutual respect.  He truly believes every student can succeed and he works diligently with them to help them see that in themselves.  He knows his work as an educator is to guide students not only through their course studies and vocational aspirations but to aid their development as mature individuals who contribute meaningfully to society.

Colleagues say that this faculty member continually amazes them with the drive he has to learn and grow in his profession.  He is a role model for them and for our students of what a life-long learner looks like.  He is a team player who treats his colleagues with respect, creates a strong vision, and works tirelessly with others to help students, his department, and the University succeed.

Outstanding Academic Advising Award – Dr. Brittany Cottrill Lloyd

The individual receiving this award is being recognized as an outstanding advisor and mentor who has excellent interpersonal skills and builds strong relationships with her advisees.  This advisor is passionate about helping students discern their place in the world and discover what brings them joy and happiness. Our recipient also advises students outside of the department, which requires a high level of dedication and effort, and is able to have frank conversations with advisees when they struggle academically while still providing a “caring” and “helpful”attitude.  Her concern is not only to help the student to graduate successfully but to build up the student’s self-worth and dignity.

 Our recipient has overseen the Freshman Seminar as the Core I Coordinator since its creation, and in that capacity has mentored faculty who are teaching the course and helped them to be better advisors of students.  She continues to shape the program by working closely with faculty, library staff, and completion coaches to ensure that students receive the best possible support.  She is also a whiz at the new Navigate (SSC) Program and is always available to help others become more proficient.

This year’s honoree has clearly demonstrated:  frequent contact with her advisees; a caring and helpful attitude; proactive advising in helping them shape completion plans and choose a major; careful monitoring of advisee progress towards academic and career goals; promotion of advisees’ discernment of vocation and life purpose; and development and support of advisor development programs through Freshman Seminar.

Excellence in Scholarship Award – Dr. Mark Slavich

This individual was selected because of passion for research and the research process.  This person finds that research is intellectually stimulating and that it has a positive impact on other areas of his vocation at Grand View. Our recipient is a prolific researcher as demonstrated by the number of paper submissions, publications, and presentations—and by other works now in progress.

This person focuses on conducting research collaboratively, has formed relationships with scholars at other universities, and also plans to conduct a study with a GV colleague in the near future and to engage our students in aspects of his research. Our recipient has been making significant contributions to the emerging field of research in sports consumer behavior.  He actively shares his research with others and incorporates that research into his teaching.  He has attended and presented at the North American Society for Sport Management Conference and at the Sport Marketing Association, where he received the Best Paper Award for 2017. While he enjoys presenting and sharing his research, he also enjoys learning about others’ research in areas that he teaches such as sport communication, sport facilities, and sport event management.

In addition to promoting his work at these conferences, he is proud to promote our institution.  He says the following, “I truly cherish the opportunities to present at conferences as it allows me to grow as a scholar and also allows me to showcase the Grand View name to colleagues at other institutions across the country and the world.”                       

Distinguished Faculty Service Award – Dr. Avilah Getzler

This award is conferred upon a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary service to the University and made a positive impact to the campus community. This year’s honoree has met all three criteria of this award to the highest degree. Our recipient has a strong, sustained record of accomplishment in activities undertaken in service to and as a representative of the University.  As department chair, in addition to normal everyday demands, this person coordinated new initiatives in the major, fostered strong campus leadership, and was always willing to be a guinea pig for campus-wide initiatives.  Additionally, our recipient has served on various search committees, the Shared Governance task force, the Logos/Honors Revision team, and the Curriculum Committee.  She can always be depended on to make thoughtful and meaningful contributions.

As the HLC Assurance Argument coordinator, our honoree spent countless hours guiding her team chairs and constituencies across campus through compiling data and making numerous revisions.  In this work, she has provided exemplary service to the Grand View community by making a compelling and successful argument to the Higher Learning Commission that we “deserve” our status as an accredited university.

This year’s recipient demonstrates an ongoing commitment to serve students, staff, faculty, and the mission of Grand View. 

Congratulations to all!