Bifrost Literary Journal Winners

February 23, 2016

Congratulations to the Winners for Bifrost, the Literary Journal:

 1. Kaitlin Bishop
 2. Ashley Neal
 3. Jordan Arp

 1. Dani Reed
 2. Kyle Hanagami
 3. Krister Strandskov

1. Leah Peel
2. Alex Wells
3. Carlos Rodriguez

Kelby Arnold
Jordan Arp
Andi Bagley
Charlie Bennet
Kaitlin Bishop
Gabriel Alexander Chilas
Mark Cooper (Photo and Writing)
Austin Forester
Cassandra Giron
Kyle Hanagami
Kennedy King
Cassie Moran
Ashley Neal
Jonny Nguyen
Jenna Nunamaker
Leah Peel
Dani Reed
Carlos Rodriguez
Alex Roth
Katherine Saunders
Evan Stober
Krister Strandskov
Alex Wells

It is going to be a spectacular issue and it will be released during vocation week in April.