Placeholder: Words and Pictures

August 13, 2020

The Grand View Art & Design Department is asking for alumni help with an exhibition opportunity. Due to the strange circumstances of our fall semester for the Art & Design Department, it is difficult to schedule all that usually happens within the school year.

The Prairie Meadows Gallery in the Rasmussen Building is one of those things difficult to schedule. With the possibility of being partially on campus and/or unexpectedly being completely off campus, the department is doing a semi-casual alumni group exhibition this fall. The project is called Placeholder: Words and Pictures? What do those words mean to you?

This isn't a call for traditional or large-scale work, but for ideas, attitudes, and perspectives. Artists are asked to use whatever medium is at their disposal and create a small work related to reflection, memory, or place. They can choose to relate it to what's happening in the world right now, or just base it on that idea in general. The goal is to fill the gallery with as many works by our alumni as possible.

***Due to the nature of this ephemera-based show, works will not be sent back. Specs: All graduated Art & Design Alumni (Art Education, Studio Art, Graphic Design, Photography, Graphic Journalism) are welcome. Submit a piece (no bigger than 8.5” x 11.5”) of writing, image, or combination. Include your name and graduation date on the back/ or with the piece. The Art & Design department will hang all collected work in the gallery August 24th. The show will run through October 16th. Send your work by Wednesday, August 19th to: Prof. Rachel Schwaller at 1200 Grandview Ave, Des Moines, IA 50316.