Christ Holds Fast Event

April 11, 2019

Grand View University welcomes “Christ Hold Fast” to its campus on Saturday, April 13. The free event is open to the entire campus and the wider community and will take place at Luther Memorial Church on Grandview Ave.

“Christ Hold Fast,” part of the constellation of resources established by, brings participants together with speakers and musicians for a day of teaching, singing, and fellowship. Its mission is “to create community around the good news that Christ died for you.”

Each “Christ Hold Fast” city event is built around a scriptural or theological theme. The Grand View event focuses on the hard sayings of Jesus like “I came to bring a sword” and “If your eye offends you, pluck it out.” Recording artist Blake Flattley will bring the music for the day, including songs written specifically for the theme.

Speakers will include Grand View’s Prof. Ken Sundet Jones and Campus Pastor Russ Lackey. Other teachers are part of the 1517 roster, including Chad Bird, author of Upside-Down Spirituality: The 9 Essential Failures of a Faithful Life, Night Driving, and Your God Is Too Glorious.

Find more information including registration at Registration is not required to attend, but it will help in planning.