Photo Exhibit: Danish Children Growing Up American

October 11, 2017

To fit with our Global Vision Week theme of increasing our awareness of immigrant and refugee experiences, photographs from the collections of, and presented by, the Danish American Archive and Library (DAAL) are currently displayed in the Student Center, Prairie Meadows Photography Gallery as well as the library.

This traveling photographic exhibit walks visitors through the world of Danish immigrant children at the turn of the 20th century. The panels feature 50 photos showing various stages of a child’s life at the time, from infancy to their early teens. Among other things, the exhibit shows immigration, both to and from Denmark, children at play, the clothes and costumes they wore, life on the farm, religious life, and education. Although the photos depict Danish children, their experience is universal among immigrant children then, no matter what their nationality. In fact immigrant children today are still experiencing some of the same or even greater challenges that these earlier Danish children faced.