Danish Students from Vejle Business College to Visit Grand View

June 19, 2023

In September, Grand View will welcome 13 Danish students and 2 instructors from the Vejle Business College in Denmark. The students will visit GV classrooms, give a presentation about their country, learn American customs and traditions, and tour local sites.

We are seeking interested faculty, staff, and friends of Grand View who would be willing to host two or more of the Danish students. Hosting consists of providing the students with an experience of what life is like in an American family home, along with a place to sleep and transportation to and from campus. Former Vejle students have told us that the home stays are a highlight of the visit – so the time and effort you give to these students is extremely valuable and memorable.   

If interested, please contact Corinna King at cking@grandview.edu or 515-263-2802.